Mind CALM (Conscious Awareness Life Meditation), Salisbury, 25th January 2014

Mind CALM (Conscious Awareness Life Meditation), Salisbury, 25th January 2014

Date(s): 25th January 2014, 9.30am – 5pm GMT
Facilitator(s): Sharon King
Venue: The Practice Rooms, 7a Catherine Street, Salisbury SP1 2DF


Welcome to the meditation practice that you’ve been looking for. No jargon, no rituals, no new belief system, no strict rules and no judgement as to where you’re at. Mind CALM is just a simple, easy-to-learn and fun way to enjoy more serenity and success in life.

Conscious Awareness Life Meditation (or CALM for short) provides techniques that allow you to find peace with the constant chatter in your mind. The fabulous side effects of Mind CALM is that it can help you to worry less, sleep better, improve your relationships and feel more confident. It can also help you to live more in the present moment and as a result, be more peaceful, contented and loving.

During the ‘Mind CALM Class’ you are given expert guidance on how to use CALM in the most effective and enjoyable way, learn the life-changing teachings that sit at the heart of the meditation technique, and have opportunities to meditate for short periods of time in a group. You will also learn how to use CALM during your day with the eyes open so you can experience the benefits any time, any place and any where. Highly recommended!

With CALM you are encouraged to always be physically comfortable, so there are no strict postures and there will be chairs to sit on. Suitable for absolute beginners wanting to learn how to meditate and also advanced meditators looking to deepen their experience. Even if you know the CALM technique, you can benefit massively from attending a live ‘Mind CALM Class’. The possibilities are truly infinite!

What others are saying

Mind Calm ‘does what it says on the tin’. A great simple, powerful and effective meditation system easily accessible to all. I’ve meditated for decades and still found merit in this instructionSherrill Luck

Great day, fully recommend, easy to use for the complete novice for meditation (like me). Lovely day. Tracey

Mind Calm was really easy to follow and Sharon made the course very enjoyable and the time just flew by! I also just wanted to add how nice the energy of the entire day was. For me one of the most appealing aspects of MC is that one doesn’t have to plan out a big chunk of time in order to do it, as it can be done even just literally for only 5-10 minutes, and also really useful for someone like me (who has trouble “silencing’ her mind), it can be a really beneficial tool in anyone’s meditation practice. Juli

Places are limited so book early to secure your place

Mind Calm Benefits

The benefits of meditation are boundless – from simple stress relief, better sleep, less worry and greater peace of mind and happiness – meditation can give you what you want.

People from all walks of life with a wide range of personal motives learn how to meditate.  Meditation can benefit anyone because the mind has a direct impact on all aspects of life.  You might want to improve your health, experience peace of mind, or enjoy closer relationships, or you might feel that there is more to life than what you are currently experiencing.  Irrespective of your intentions behind wanting to learn how to meditate, you can feel confident that the effects of meditation can have a profound positive impact on your entire life.

Physical benefits

From a physical perspective, regular meditation can aid the healing of physical conditions by releasing stored stress and helping you to maintain better health by no longer accumulating as much stress during daily life.  People using meditation also report improvements in the quality of their sleep, which can also lead to better physical health due to the enhanced levels of rest your body experiences.

Emotional benefits

Meditation can also help you to increase confidence, self-esteem and self-love because you can learn how to listen less to the critical voice in your head.  Instead of habitually thinking negatively about yourself, meditation enables you to let negative thoughts come and go without them making you feel bad.  In doing so, meditation can make you more calm, confident and content, naturally, without you having to rely on positive affirmations or reinforcement from others.  This is not only very liberating but is also a genuine and long-lasting way to enjoy greater peace of mind and happiness.

Relationship benefits

It has been said that the only way to enjoy truly loving relationships with others is to first learn how to love Your Self fully.  Meditation can help you to discover the inner source of love that resides within your own heart.  By living aware of the inner source of love, you no longer need to look outside yourself to ‘get love’ from others.  This takes the pressure off your relationships and increases the levels of love you experience.

CALM can help you to cultivate kindness and compassion as well.  Being kinder to yourself can cause you to see the best in others too.  As a direct consequence of these marvellous benefits of meditation, you can resolve relationship conflict and enjoy a deeper connection with others.

Career benefits

Perhaps surprisingly, the positive effects of meditation can also spill over into your professional life too. Meditation helps you to reduce stress, be more creative, enjoy greater clarity and make better decisions.  You can also develop the ability to get ‘in the zone’ at will and ignore the negative thoughts inside your mind that can prevent you from performing at your best.

Spiritual benefits

Meditation helps you to think less about the past and future and live more in the here and now.  By being present, you can feel less anger, sadness, fear and guilt and instead, more peace, joy and contentment.  Meditation also reveals to you the underlying still silence peaceful nature of reality that exists within your conscious awareness. Allowing you to go about your day with an ongoing sense of inner peace, irrespective of how busy your external life happens to be.  Imagine that!

With regular practice and with the right guidance, meditation can also allow you to experience more expansive states of consciousness.  Without meditation, most people only experience the states of consciousness commonly referred to as waking, sleeping and dreaming.  However, there are more states of consciousness available to you and when you begin to explore and experience them, the benefits of meditation can feel like waking up, living heaven on earth and be incredibly liberating.

Places are limited so book early to secure your place

Investment £55.00

Followed up by FREE regular monthly online Mind Calm Gathering where we can share experiences, go over any teachings and group meditation.. Plus FREE membership to Calm Online  membership site.

What a fabulous course. Even though I have been an energy practitioner for over 20 years, meditation was not something that ever came easy for me; and quite often I’d end up more tense than before I started! So, needless to say, I gave up on the idea of meditation… Not with Mind Calm however. I was absolutely astounded when; at the end of the day;  we meditated for 15 minutes and it felt like 5. It felt effortless and truly a joy to experience, which left me feeling hungry for more.. what a fantastic place to be! I shall most certainly be practising this for 10 minutes twice a day MINIMUM!     This is more than just a meditation technique – it literally is life changing stuff! If you want more Peace in your life – then get yourself on Sharon’s Mind Calm Training Day – you’ll be glad you did. Anita Young

‘’I attended Sharon King’s Mind Calm Meditation workshop for my own benefit to aid relaxation and also to learn the technique to share with my clients.  Mind Calm is very simple and easy to use and I found myself wonderfully relaxed in what seemed like seconds using the Mind Calm techniques.  Sharon’s training made easy sense of how to meditate anywhere and having various games, focus words and plenty of practice sessions and I now find myself going in and out of peace (a less busy mind) more easily.  Highly recommended for the complete novice or experienced mediator, Mind Calm will literally do just that’’ Wendy Fry

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