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Welcome to Magical New Beginnings

At Magical New Beginnings, we are dedicated to transforming lives through the power of energy psychology and holistic healing. Founded by Sharon King, an internationally renowned trainer and best-selling author, our mission is to support individuals and families in healing from trauma and embracing a more joyful, connected, and empowered life.

Discover Your Path to Healing and Empowerment

Whether you’re seeking to heal from pre and perinatal birth trauma, achieve a natural and conscious birth, or transform your ancestral patterns and past lives, our extensive range of services and programs are designed to meet your unique needs. Sharon’s expertise in energy psychology and her innovative techniques, such as Quantum Field Tapping, Heal Your Birth and The Light Matrix, provide profound healing and transformation.

Our Offerings

  • Heal Your Birth: Transform your experience of giving birth or being born, addressing trauma associated with conception, pregnancy, and birth.
  • The Light Matrix Techniques: Discover your life purpose, manifest your dreams, and transform ancestral patterns and past lives.
  • Quantum Field Tapping: Tap into the quantum field to release deep-seated emotional blocks and achieve rapid, lasting change.
  • Magic, Miracles, and Manifestation: Unlock the power of intention and energy to create a life filled with magic, miracles, and abundant manifestations.
  • EFT for Parents and Teachers: Equip parents and teachers with Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) to help children manage stress, anxiety, and emotional challenges.
  • Retreats and Online Programs: Join us on the beautiful island of Koh Phangan, Thailand, for retreats or participate in our online programs for conscious conception, pregnancy, and birth.
  • Workshops and Trainings: Enhance your skills with our training programs designed for both individuals and professionals seeking to expand their knowledge in holistic healing modalities.
  • Magical New Beginnings Podcast: Tune into our podcast for inspiring conversations, expert interviews, and practical tips on transforming trauma, conscious parenting, and living a joyful, empowered life.

New Programs for Parents-to-Be

We are excited to announce new upcoming programs specifically designed for parents-to-be. These programs will focus on achieving a conscious conception, nurturing a healthy pregnancy, and preparing for a natural, empowered birth experience. Stay tuned for more details and launch dates!

Why Choose Us?

Sharon King’s extensive experience and compassionate approach make Magical New Beginnings a trusted source for healing and transformation. Our personalised programs and supportive community ensure that you receive the guidance and care you need on your journey.

Join Our Community

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Welcome to a new chapter of your life, your new beginning starts here!