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Click above to listen to the Q&A Session. We had some fabulous questions. Thank you to all who were on the call and sent in questions.

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A question we didn’t get time to answer on the call yesterday

Hi Sharon, a question that has come up for me as I’ve begun clearing my own birth and I’m guessing comes up for other too is about clearing the larger morphic fields that babes are sensitive too.  In my case I was born in the US in 1968 during a particularly turbulent time and location politically and socially.  My father left to fight in Vietnam while I was still a baby.  He returned home safely but I always felt the shadows of that war lingering in my early childhood.  And now tuning into my in-utero self and newborn self I know I was feeling it then too.  I’m curious to know how you’ve experienced similar experiences in sessions and any examples of how echoes have cleared.

Thank you!  I love this work!


Hi Karen, you can work on your baby self to help her realise that the energy does not belong to her and to help her release it by tapping and using colour. You can also work with Mum and Dad for what they are feeling around this time until it clears.  However this would be a time I would clear these Morphic fields by guiding your baby self back to the time of pre-conception up into the Light Matrix (as taught on the Life Purpose workshops/webinar and discussed on the Q&A call). From this higher vibrationary place where we can easily access our soul, visit our planning meeting and find the purpose of why we chose that time and place to be born. Once we have that understanding of why we chose that experience and what our soul wanted to learn from it, plus your role in your parents lives at that time.. i.e. What was the contract between you and your parents? We can then use colour or other frequency to send down from the Light Matrix to clear the womb of the effect the surrounding War energy had. You can even go as far as finding the learnings and lessons of the War too, what higher purpose did the Vietnam war have for the countries involved and the role or learning for your Dad in the War. That is why I love working with the Life Purpose work as we can gain deeper understandings of why events happen and with that understanding comes the transformation.


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