2014 Member Jamming Sessions!


August 2014 Q&A

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21 Day Field Clearing can be found HERE.


July 2014 Bonus!
(1 Hour Value vs. Needs Webinar with Sharon King & Susie Shelmerdine)

How does it get any better?

Before you watch this Bonus Webinar, download and fill out THIS list of values.

Step 1: Circle any of the words that feel important to you. (Pay special attention to those words that JUMP out at you or FEEL right.) Choose ONLY those words that SPEAK to the essence of you. Circle as MANY as you like.

Step 2: Read each word in turn and mark those that feel really important to you. Choose your top 10.

Step 3: Now you are ready to watch / listen to the webinar.
[videojs mp4=”https://s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/rymb2014/Needs+Vs+Values+Webinar+17-07-2014+19.02.mp4″]

The Audio from this week can be found HERE.

May 2014 Member Jamming Session!

Interview with Patrick Houser author of Fathers-to-be handbook

  • The man and womens role in birth
  • How the husband/partner influences breastfeeding
  • The money issue
  • 4 The Four Biggies Pain, Time, Noise, Safety
  • What women need to understand about their husband/partner
  • Medical Intervention and how to deal with it
  • And much much more
[leadplayer_vid id=”5369416F5F76B”] Patrick’s email for the e-book update

Four Biggies (Click to open, Right-Click / Ctrl-Click to SAVE AS and download)

Why Men Leave book mentioned by Patrick

March 2014 Member Jamming Session!

Wow, Dr. Marcy Axness was here with us tonight!
[leadplayer_vid id=”5314FCD6B9F36″] [audio:http://www.magicalnewbeginnings.com/audio/MBR Jamming Session March 2014.mp3] or download (right-click and select “Save”): Download the Audio
See more about Dr. Marcy Axness at Parenting for Peace.

February 2014 Member Jamming Session!

Tonight we had a fascinating interview with Rebecca Thompson of the Consciously Parenting Project!
[leadplayer_vid id=”5331A82D17E68″] Listen to the audio!
[audio:http://www.magicalnewbeginnings.com/audio/MBR Jamming Session February 2014.mp3] or download (right-click and select “Save”): Download the Audio

Rebecca Thompson, besides founding The Consciously Parenting Project, has authored 3 books with 1 on the way this year. Rebecca is an author, speaker, radio show host, therapist, and family consultant who offers her expertise to parents using the latest research to create, nurture, and heal relationships. Whether you are expecting your first baby, you are in the midst of adolescent turmoil, or your family has just experienced a trauma or major life transition, Rebecca can guide your family’s journey into a place of peace and understanding. Her newest project, IHeartParenting.com, can be found here.