How would your life be without Judgement?

So what is judgement and how does it effect our life?

Uncertain judgeAs human beings we need awareness for our survival but do we really need judgement? So you might be wondering what is the difference between Awareness and Judgement? Awareness keeps us safe from burning ourself on something hot, keeps us away from dangerous situations, it is an inner knowing but also something learned from experience. It is our safety mechanism for survival without anger or fear. But judgement is different. Judgement always has a heavy or negative emotion attached to it. Just take a moment right now to think about something or someone you have judged today. How does that make you feel?

The energy of judgment is heavy and stuck and contains the emotion of anger and fear. We often go into judgement when we don’t feel safe. When our basic survival needs are threatened.

Are you aware just how many times a day you sit in judgment of yourself and others?

When you look into the mirror what do you think? ‘God you are beautiful body and I love you’ or ‘God you are fat and you have so many wrinkles?’ If you into feel the energy of those thoughts how does your body respond? Does it open to receive that energy or does it recoil to protect itself.

An exercise to help you become more aware of your judgments – try this for one week

Every day for one week have a rubber band or hair band around your wrist and every time you catch yourself 3195142-originaljudging yourself or another person move the band from one wrist to another. Becoming aware of your judgments are the first step in transforming them. Please do not judge yourself for having this judgement otherwise you will not have time to swap to your rubber band. Just say to yourself “Stop it” and move onto another thought. I would love to hear how you get on with this exercise.

How does judging yourself and others make you feel?

Do you feel empowered or do you feel like you are under attack and need to attack first to protect yourself? Dr Bruce Liptons teaches us that our cells in our body cannot be in growth and protection at the same time. Our body’s cannot be fed and nourished and have healthy cell reproduction whist feeling under attack. So every time you judge your body you are putting your body and your self into protection mode.

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Where does judgement come from?

Events and experiences in our lives cause us to have judgements. As babies and children we learn from our parents how to be judged and how to judge others. Even our teachers at school and our peers also teach us about judgement.

ovarian-cancer-symptoms-and-signs-3Case study: My client was suffering with Fibromyalgia causing pain through out the body, sensitivities and fatigue. During the session we went back to a memory close to the time the symptoms first started. The event was during an argument with her husband when she fell down the stairs. Her belief at the time of the argument that her husband had pushed her down the stairs as all she remembered was seeing his hand coming towards her as she fell. During the session she got the awareness that actually she had stumbled and he had put his hand out to try and save her. For many years she lived with this man she thought had tried to kill her. So putting her body into protection mode 24/7 and later leading to the physical symptoms of pain and the belief that her life was constantly under threat. She was holding a lot of judgment, anger and fear towards her husband because of the perception of what happened during that event. After releasing all this emotion and realising she was actually quite safe then the body was able to rebalance and go back into growth mode and the pain lifted from her body.

How do we release judgement?

During the 8 Spiritual Principles to Ascension webinar we will be looking at all the ways we can release judgement. Anger is the emotion that gets locked into our cells by judgement and it is the one we will have to keep ‘doing over’ if we do not let it go. We invite the same situations, events and people back into our lives again and again until we ‘get it’. Until we get where we are holding anger and fear about this person or around this event. Melissie Jolly will be guiding you on how to release the anger and fear from our past experiences and feel safe once again to be back into that safe place of growth and expansion.

bot37“With judgement we will be looking at the base charkra which is traditionally the colour of Red. The base chakra is our survival needs and relates to our connection with the tribe and how safe we feel with others and on earth. Judgement is what we do with people ‘not like us’. We judge everything outside outside our tribe because judgement is based on fear, so anything outside our house and our family and our safe space, is the thing we fear and therefore the thing we judge and the thing we see as ‘other’.

Seeing jugement mirrored to us from the reflection around us, is key to understanding our base chakra issues. When we respect everything, we find there is nothing to fear, nothing to judge.” Melissie Jolly creator of the Colour Mirrors system

To find out more about the 8 Spiritual Principles to Ascension webinars Click Here

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Are You Living Your Life Purpose?

Questions and Answers signpostDo you know that we all share the same collective life purpose?

Although it might not feel like it to many of you, ALL of us are living our purpose in each and every moment.

So what is our collective Purpose?

Our number one purpose in being here on this planet is to EVOLVE. The number one purpose of all beings in the universe is to evolve. Right now we are living in the most exciting times of our history as souls. That is why so many of us have signed up to be here on Earth at this time. This is the time of becoming more conscious, more aware, to wake up to who we really are, to become 100% self.

It is said that 95% – 98% of all our thoughts feelings and emotions belong to somebody else. How is this possible?

As babies in the womb we perceive the world through our mothers and fathers experiences. We take on their thoughts feeling and emotions as our own. Our birth stories also define who we are going to be and how we relate to the world. A lovely gentle natural birth will set us up to experience all new beginnings in life as easy and safe. A traumatic birth can set up patterns of trauma throughout your life time.

From the age of 0 – 6 we are in a hypnogogic state where we are like and new computer downloading the programs we need to operate in the world. These programs are automatically downloaded from the environment, the people around you and your experiences of feeling loved, nurtured and safe in the world or not.

We also tap into our generational fields, our cultural fields, and our past life experiences.

What would life feel like to be 100% self, having no one else’s programs running your life?

This is part of what myself and Susie Shelmerdine are going to be exploring on Realise Your Magical Purpose 4 part webinar. We will be exploring your individual purpose for being here at this time and helping you with the collective purpose of evolving and awakening. We will be looking at how to find your individual purpose, release the blocks and manifest the life your soul has planned for you.

Allow us to be your tour guides to 100% self and realise your individual and collective life purpose.

  • Realise Your Magical Purpose 4 part webinar with Sharon King & Susie Shelmerdine – 3rd January 2013 CLICK HERE for further details EARLY BIRD SPECIAL OFFER £75 until 17th December 2012

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Lee Ann’s Traumatic Birth Session by Sharon King

Lee Ann and her husband Joel had suffered a verySDC12796
traumatic birth experience with her first child Lyla two years previously. At the time of writing to me she believed she only had 3 weeks left before her second child Mia was due to be born. They were both feeling very anxious and nervous about the forth-coming birth and asked if I could I help them transform these feelings, as she really wanted to have a VBAC (Vaginal Birth after C-section). I knew that I had to help them but I had no idea just how traumatic that first birth truly was. It turned out we only had 3 days (3 consecutive EFT/Matrix Reimprinting sessions) to release the trauma of the first birth and prepare Lee Ann for the birth of her second child.

This is Lee Ann’s story: Lee Ann and her husband live in Florida USA. The birth of their first child did not go to plan at all. It started with the doctor asking her to come into hospital to be induced (synthetic hormone drugs used to start the birth process) because he was going away on holiday and wanted to make sure her baby was born before he went away. As soon as she got into hospital she was put on Pitocin (the artificial hormone to start labour) and her waters were artificially broken. After 12 hours of very strong painful labour her doctor told her she was still only 3 cm dilated (the cervix needs to be 10 cm before the baby can be born) and advised her to have an epidural. Half an hour earlier the nurse had told Lee Ann she was 6 cm dilated. She later came back and appologised for getting it wrong, after speaking to the doctor outside the room.

The doctor then advised Lee Ann again to have an epidural so she would feel no more labour pains. Lee Ann didn’t want this, but went with her doctors advice. Lee Ann reported to her doctor that the epidural had only anesthetized the right side of her abdomen and she could still feel the contractions on the left side, but nobody seemed to listen to her. After a while the doctor told her she needed a C-section because Lyla’s head was starting to swell. This news made them very fearful – as it would any parents – because it could be endangering Lyla life so they agreed to the C-section.

Lee Ann was taken to the operating theatre and the rest of the story is in Lee Ann’s own words:

c-section-banner“After being prep my husband walks into the room and the doctor started checking to see if I still had feeling on my stomach. He asked two questions “are you feeling this” and “is it sharp”, which I replied yes to both. Before I knew it I was being cut open and feeling everything. I felt like my expose organs was being set on fire. I screamed and threw up bile. My husband was hysterical. Then they said I was going to go into cardiac arrest, I remember them saying that my pressure was 180/ something (Lee Ann doesn’t remember the lower figure).  My daughter was already in my cervix. They had a tough time getting her out. All the while I’m screaming, my husband crying and the anesthesiologist kept pressing the button in his hand to up the doses. Eventually I heard her first cry and then I was knocked out. It was the last thing I remember until I woke up 3 hours later.”

In the first two sessions we worked on her feelings of anger towards the doctor because of his need to control and induce the labour, we also worked on the nurse having to come back into the room after being told by the doctor she got the dilation amount wrong, which Lee Ann believes she did not. We cleared the fear of being told her baby’s head was swollen and working with herself back at the time to help her come to the understanding they were doing the best they could and really she had no choice under the circumstances. We also prepared her for the forthcoming C-section working each time to take herself to a place of empowerment and reimprinting herself with golden yellow energy. We also worked on her husband in the Matrix too, helping him come to a place of understanding, acceptance and peace with the choices they made.

The third session was really interesting as at the start of the session Lee Ann told me her mucus plug was coming away and the contractions had started, which she was delighted with, as she had not got to experience this beginning stage last time. So now feeling that we had very little time left to clear the remaining trauma we went straight to her (or her ECHO Energy Consciousness Hologram) as we call it in Matrix Reimprinting and did EFT tapping on her ECHO for the shock, pain and terror she was holding in her body during the C-section. We also worked on Joel her husband, for all his shock at witnessing this and we worked on baby Lyla too releasing the shock she was experiencing. Once all the terror, shock and pain was released Lee Ann’s Echo was able to receive her baby into the world and bond with her right at the point of birth. Under normal circumstances I would guide the mother and baby back through a normal birth with Matrix Birth Reimprinting but it felt right to have her bond with her baby just as it was. We reimprinted that picture of her and her husband bonding with Lyla there in the operating room.

Highlights of Lee Ann’s session

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We still had a little time left before Lee Ann had to go to the hospital so we lyla n mia
carried on the session and I asked her to connect and communicate with her new baby Mia, who was very much on her way, and showed her how her natural birth was going to be, using the Future Birth Reimprinting technique. We then tested the work we had done over the 3 sessions and Lee Ann was able to look back on the birth experience with Lyla with a peaceful feeling knowing she did her best and having the new picture in her mind of bonding with Lyla at birth.

I then received the following 2 emails from Lee Ann on the birth of baby Mia

31st May 2012

lee miaJust wanted to let you know that I started labor. They are coming 5 mins apart for the last 2 hours but too intense. I wanted to thank you for everything. You are truly an amazing person. You have brought me to an amazing state of mind and helped me empower myself to go through this amazing process. I am extremely excited for what comes joel n mia
next. I’ll write as soon as I can. Thank you so much. Lee Ann


9th June 2012

The birth went really well. Everything I anticipated and more. However Mia did end mia dad
up in the ncui (intensive care) for a 3 days. The doctor said she had an abnormal stomach beca
use she wasn’t having a bowel movement and to stop all feedings for 2 days. The doctor told us she may need surgery after seeing her x-ray. It was pretty brutal on her. Turns out she was perfectly healthy and had her first bowel movement during the last hours of labor but it wasn’t recorded. All in all I had an amazing birth experience and a healthy beautiful baby. Thanks Sharon. Lee Ann

Lee Ann’s shares her experience of Mia’s birth and describes how her sessions clearing Lyla’s birth helped her keep out of fear and in her power during the birth.

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Joel shares his experience of Mia’s birth and how the effect of Lee Ann’s session had on him.

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To follow next time

Part 2 Lee Ann’s session on the birth of Mia and her the stay in NCUI (Intensive care)

Part 3 Joels (Lee Ann’s husband) session on his clearing for the birth trauma of his first daughter.

To learn more about Matrix Reimprinting & Matrix Birth Reimprinting

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Marcy Axness PhD – Quantum Parenting


I’m delighted to have Marcy Axness as one of my guest speakers for the Matrix Birth Reimprinting Online Practitioner Training

Marcy Axness, PhD, was an Emmy-nominated, multiple award-winning documentary writer/producer in her “pre-motherhood” life. But becoming a mother rocked her well-ordered world and called her toward personal as well as intellectual growth. Once her son and daughter were in school, she turned her penetrating eye and inquiring mind to early human development. Her research question never wavers: How do our conventional parenting and childcare practices affect our children’s healthy development and potential—and how can we give them a better beginning? Her teachings are imbued with a relevance and compassion borne of her willingness to share her own parenting struggles, joys and discoveries.

Here is a short clip taken from the interview with Dr Axness. Dr Axness explains just how connected mother and baby are, not just after birth but also in the womb.

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A member of Mothering magazine’s online expert panel, Dr. Axness is a gifted writer and dynamic educator, and has delivered keynote presentations to audiences across the U.S., in New Zealand, Canada and Brazil, and has appeared in countless publications, both popular and scholarly, including as a regular columnist in Los Angeles’ longest-running parenting publication. Her favorite audience are young people who light up at Marcy’s empowering Parenting for Peace message: You can change the world, beginning long before you have children… beginning today!

Dr. Axness has a private consulting/counseling practice specializing in mind-body fertility, pregnancy psychology, adoption, and early parenting. Weaving together scientific and spiritual principles into her Quantum Parenting map, she guides parents (and pre-parents) in fostering their children’s optimal development, while helping them discover more fulfillment as parents. She also provides training for adoption, education, and mental health professionals about the latest findings in the science of human thriving.

Parenting for Peace: Raising the Next Generation of Peacemakers by Marcy Axness

If we really want to change the world, let’s raise a generation “built forparenting_for_peace_book_cover_smpeace”… from the very beginning. Parenting for Peace is a user-friendly scientific roadmap for how to do exactly that… while bringing more joy into family life!
Parenting for Peace details a unique seven-step, seven-principle matrix for hardwiring our babies and children with the brain circuitry for such essential peacemaker capacities as self-regulation, empathy, intelligence, trust and imagination. The win-win is that a child wired in this vibrantly healthy way is a joy to parent, and as an adult has the heart to embrace and exemplify peace, the mind to innovate solutions to social and ecological challenges, and the will to enact them. To be successful in a changing world.

Some of the fabulous reviews of Marcy’s book
Parenting for Peace offers readers a user-friendly shortcut around today’s information overload, because it gives them the most important research from dozens of leading experts woven together with its own empowering perspectives on bringing more joy into family life.

Marcy Axness’s efforts to educate our world are vital to our evolution! I’m so glad she’s telling the growth-or-protection story because simple fundamentals are where the truth is.
— Bruce H. Lipton, author, Biology of Belief and Spontaneous Evolution

Dr. Axness has distilled compelling evidence from the fields of attachment parenting, preconception, and consciousness research into a readable, inspiring and hopeful book about what we really want to do as parents: raise peaceful people. Parenting For Peace gives us a roadmap.
— Peggy O’Mara, editor-in-chief, Mothering

Marcy Axness lays down the simple but profound principles and practices required to raise generations comfortable in their hearts and happy with themselves. A tranquil revolution of the soul and of the home that would benefit all humanity.
— Gabor Maté, author, Scattered and In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts

I know of no one so well equipped educationally, intellectually, emotionally and intuitively to speak to our times.
— Joseph Chilton Pearce, author, The Biology of Transcendence and Magical Child

Marcy Axness’ book has a beautiful message supported by sophisticated understanding of the underlying science. I have borrowed her remarkable translations of findings from our NIH-funded projects in my own lectures.
— Curt Sandman, fetal brain development researcher

“Passionate and intelligent yet also profoundly simple, Parenting for Peace provides parents with the tools and support they need to create peace and participation in their families, their communities and the world. Highly recommended.”
Sarah J. Buckley, MD, author of Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering: A Doctor’s Guide to Natural Childbirth

“I applaud Marcy for calling attention to the importance of protecting the sanctity of the embryonic universe. World peace will only ensue from womb peace.”
Thomas R. Verny, MD, author of The Secret Life of the Unborn Child

“Parenting for Peace sends a clear, practical message to humanity about how to reap the true promise of our biology: evolve our own consciousness to ensure the future evolution of our species. Read, learn and enjoy.”
Joe Dispenza, author of Evolve Your Brain: The Science of Changing Your Mind and Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself: How to Lose Your Mind and Create a New One

I was overjoyed as I read Parenting for Peace, not only as a parent, but as someone who has fought the establishment to prove that there is an audience out there starving for this type of information. I know parents, soon-to-be parents, grandparents and many others will read this book with enthusiasm.”
Betsy Chasse, co-creator of What The Bleep Do We Know?

“Do yourself, your children, and our human family the service of reading and applying Marcy Axness’s wisdom. As a pediatrician, I’ve watched her put her vision into action over two decades. I heartily endorse the sound, simple yet revolutionary guidance she offers. Parenting for Peace won’t disappoint you.”
Jay N. Gordon, MD, Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, UCLA Medical School

A beautifully written call to action with gentle and clear guidance in how to get here. Marcy Axness is a soul guide in a world in need of her vision.”
Kim John Payne, author of Simplicity Parenting

“I found Marcy Axness’s book as exciting as it is reassuring. Indeed, how powerful we really are as parents to help our children’s true spirit to shine, and thus to contribute towards profound and healing social transformation. I gladly welcome her unique voice as she decodes for us this most fascinating, rich art-and-science of parenting. This book is an adventure through leading-edge human development science, a personal induction into parental wisdom and leadership at its heartful best, and a call to arms (the arms that hold and guide!) for joining in building a far, far better world.”
Robin Grille, psychologist, author of Parenting for a Peaceful World

“Dr. Axness brings a clear voice to the number one task for families and societies: to raise citizens committed to cultures of peace through the gift of knowing peace right from the start. And we can do so by “raising ourselves,” in consciousness.”
Raffi Cavoukian, children’s entertainer, and editor, Child Honouring: How to Turn This World Around

“Parenting for Peace is the ultimate thinking person’s guide to nurturing a compassionate child from conception through adolescence.”
Scott Blum, author, Waiting for Autumn and Winter Moon Rises

“Dr. Axness’s conclusions are rich, her advice is clean, and her generosity of thought for the parent-in-progress pulls them along with her. This is a beautifully written and expressed work. Every page is a gem.”
Winifred Fleet, author of “Epigenetics and the evolution of Neanderthals into moderns”

“A significant aggregate of knowledge and wisdom woven into a very understandable story. It is well organized and clear, and could be considered “A Manifesto for Humanity,” rather than a parenting book.”
Patrick Houser, author, Fathers-To-Be Handbook

Click here for Marcy’s website

Suzanne Arms – Birthing the Future

I’m so excited that Suzanne has agreed to join me as a bonus call for the Matrix Birth Reimprinting Online Practitioner training

suzanne-smallSuzanne Arms is a familiar name to many from her seven groundbreaking books (on pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and adoption), films, photographs, and the hundreds of talks she has given at conferences worldwide since 1975.  She has been an inspiration behind the Birth Movement.  Her second book, Immaculate Deception, was named a New York Times Best Book of the Year and inspired thousands of midwives, nurses and physicians, as well as parents-to-be.  Arms is an advocate for holistic, sustainable health policies and practices and conscious parenting.  Her focus –and the focus of Birthing The Future, the U.S. non-profit she founded and directs – is birth and the mother-baby connection, which lays the foundation for love and trust, health and resiliency, cooperation and community.

Arms’ presentations range from large multi-media events, using films and her photographs, at conferences and colleges to workshops for professionals and students, and intimate sacred circles for healing and deepening community.  She weaves a tapestry of knowledge from ancient and cross-cultural wisdom to modern science (cellular biology, neurobiology, psycho-immunology and attachment theory), with ecology, feminism and spirituality.

“My purpose is to help shift the paradigm that drives the loneliness, anxiety, addiction, greed and aggression so prominent in post-modern societies to one that promotes joy, wellbeing and peace.  I work at the beginning of life, where the patterns are set.  We must transform how we bring human beings into the world and care for each childbearing woman and mother-baby pair from conception to the first birthday, when they are one biological system and the baby’s developing brain and nervous system are laying down patterns for a lifetime.”

In 1977 Suzanne made her debut as a video filmmaker with a half hour black and white documentary called “Five Women, Five Births,” a film about choices.  Many childbirth educators continue to use this film in their classes, as it takes the uninitiated gently into the feelings and reality of labor and deliver.

“For too long our approach to childbearing and caring for mothers and babies has been fear-based, its hallmarks isolation, intervention in natural processes, hyper-stimulation and maternal deprivation.  Women’s experiences and their feelings about themselves, their babies and motherhood, translate directly into thoughts and biochemistry that lay down patterns in their baby’s developing nervous system and brain.  These patterns shape, not only how we see ourselves as children, but the relationships we form as adults and how we care for others and our world.  The mother-baby relationship is crucial.  Thus, how we treat the women who bring children into this world – with honor and tenderness or neglect and abuse – profoundly influences the direction of our society.

Love and fear, and peace and violence, begin in the womb.  And that is where the roots of faith or alienation lie.  The new paradigm, which is really based in ancient wisdom and supported by modern science, is available to us today, as is healing the birth-related trauma so prevalent in modern society.”

Arms, a mother and grandmother, former pre-school and Head Start teacher, is a founding and active member of the Alliance for Transforming the Lives of Children.  At the pioneering Holistic Childbirth Institute in San Francisco, in 1977, Suzanne created and taught the first course on the evolution of childbirth practices and how we got the practices we have today.  A year later she co-founded The Birth Place, the country’s first resource center for pregnancy, birth and new parenting and one of the first independent birthing centers in the U.S.  Located just minutes from Stanford University Medical Center, The Birth Place also began the first training of doulas.  Suzanne was a founding and active board member of Planetree, the international organization working to transform hospitals and clinics into true healing centers.

Her film “Giving Birth”, which contrasts the medical model for birth with the biological or midwifery model, is used extensively by birth educators, doulas, progressive hospitals and university women’s studies programs.  It has inspired thousands of women and men to make different choices about how to bring their baby into the world.  In 2003 Suzanne Arms founded Birthing The Future, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.  She is currently finishing a television documentary called “Birth.”

Suzanne lives near Durango in SW Colorado and works with the help of volunteer assistants, interns, and advisors from across the world.

Suzanne Arms is a passionate, sensitive, beautiful soul and I am honoured to have her as my friend and I’m really looking forward to sharing her wealth of knowledge with you on the Matrix Birth Reimprinting webinar.

Click here for Suzanne Arms website