Colour in the Matrix 3 Part Series

Colour is light and light is energy and energy is the currency of the universe

Have you ever wondered what colours means, how it heals and what it reveals to us?

  • Would you like to explore the amazing power of colour?Colour_Mirrors_close-81
  • Would you like to learn more about the language of colour, how it heals and what it reveals to us?
  • Would you like to connect with and experience the power of colour?
  • Explore your own unique connection with colour and how you work with it best.
  • Learn how to use Colour in the Matrix to clear and transform energy, to create safety for you and your clients and to clear stuck energy faster that ever before.

Colour is a powerful tool to assist us in translating what we receive as energy into a tangible physical form that our bodies can understand and to which they can respond.

My faithful assistants for this workshop will be the beautiful Colour Mirror bottles. Find out what messages they have for you.

During the webinars we will be experiencing:

  • Mediations
  • Demonstrations
  • Group clearing
  • Energy channeling

Discover how to use colour in our sessions to create safety and identify and clear emotional blocks quickly and with ease.

Join Sharon King, Colour Mirrors trainer and creator of the Matrix Birth Reimprinting protocols, featured in the Hay House book Matrix Reimprinting Using EFT, for these groundbreaking webinars.

This 3 part webinar series is for Matrix Reimprinting practitioners.

Webinar investment £99.00

January Sale £75.00

Special Discount for Birth Reimprinting practitioners £49.00

What others are saying:

AlysI gained so much from this training, its a challenge to actually put into words a lot of it, as so many aspects of it bypass the cognitive mind, going straight to the heart, and weaving its magic there. In a nutshell, for me, it was a homecoming… and in many ways I see Sharon’s role as the midwife. She has an amazing way of holding such a safe space, with such acceptance, intuitively knowing when to ask such pertinent questions; backing up the experiential part of the journey with academic understanding, all the time going at the pace that is needed, whilst stopping and exploring the points where the colours call you to go. It was an amazing week, made up of so many wonderful parts. I am an Emotional Health Consultant with such a wonderful array of skills, however, I find myself using these tools with all clients as they are so powerful. Alys Glover – UK Sept 2012


samiColour Mirrors has taken my personal work and my therapy work to a whole new level. With an already bulging toolkit of amazing skills including EFT, PSYCH-K, and NLP, I was sure I did not need a new skill set. However, my personal experience on Sharon’s introductory training was so profound that it was impossible not to use colour therapy from then on. The Colour Mirrors Practitioner training exceeded all my expectations! A mixture of fascinating technical information about colour, light and healing delivered through experiential practice, meditation and play. This is one of the most exciting courses I have taken, both for me on a personal level and as a transformational therapist working with people on a deep emotional level. The system is safe, supportive, elegant and profoundly effective. I highly recommend it for deep personal change and to therapist of all types. Sami Thorpe, UK Sept 2012