Colour Mirrors

Colour Mirrors

Colour is a language
A language has words
Words are information
Information is energy

Colour Mirrors is essentially an energy system of healing. We are a human energy system that vibrates. Colour is also a vibration, as is sound. We each respond to colours that resonate at similar frequencies to ourselves. This matching vibration is what draws us to a particular colour.

When colour is used in therapy it can help us identify and go to the roots of any problems you have and release you from the restriction of past patterns. Colour vibration works at a cellular and body level as well as in the aura, emotional and mental bodies.

Introduction to Colour Mirrors with Melissie Jolly and Sharon King

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Colour_Mirrors_close-81Colour helps to analyse and identify what the pattern is that you are stuck with, bring it up to conscious mind for transformation and to help you to reprogram a new experience.

Each Colour Mirrors bottle has its own meaning, its own note or vibration. You will be drawn to some and not others, some will jump out to you because they are so beautiful and others because you don’t feel comfortable with them. Each bottle has its own message to bring to you. You choice of bottle/s will reveal information, insights and understanding about yourself and your life.

Choose a bottle from the range by clicking below… How does this bottle relate to your life right now?


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Bottle Description

Bottles 1-3636 Colour combinations – These bottles connect you with yourself and what you need to know right now
C1-C1515 Chakra bottles – used in the chakra healing session to release held trauma/emotions and raise your vibration.
G1-G88 Gaia Bottles – linking to the energy to the earth
G9-G27New 14 Golden Gaia’s, Platinum Portals and Corals – An Ascension power pack to shift us into the golden era on earth
35 colour essenceused for loving support for physical, emotional and spiritual issues

The Colour Mirror system can be used as its own therapy or to enhance other therapies such as EFT, Matrix Reimprinting, BodyTalk, Reiki, Reflexology, Massage, Kinesiology, Counselling, Astrology, and many other Therapies

The system is made up of natural colouring, essential oils and flower/plant essences from the Southern Hemisphere. It is activated CMSpritzersby crystals, also found in the Southern Hemisphere. The system includes the new lighter body colours such as Turquoise, Olive, Coral, Gold, Magenta, Pink, Copper and Opal as well as the traditional beautiful rainbow colours.

The bottles can be used in many ways but to get you started here are a few suggestions:

  • Essential Dual Coloured Oils The round bottled essential oils can be used in your bath over a period of time (an approximate guide is 3 weeks). You can benefit from just holding the bottle, meditating with it, placing it on parts of your body where you feel it is needed or using it as a body oil.
  • Spritzer Essences The Essences can be sprayed around your body, on pulse points or used for space clearing. You can also spray some into a bath, use in meditation or spray into your hands and breathe in the beautiful healing aromas.

Colour Mirrors, colour therapy using beautiful bottles of coloured oils and essences, assists with healing, personal growth and transformation. If you would like to learn more about Colour Mirrors and learn how to use them for your personal growth or in your sessions with others please click here for next workshop or webinar.

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