A summer sale on all the pre recorded courses. “EFT and Matrix Reimprinting Support and Mentoring Programme” is £99 now £49. This online program will be discontinued from 3rd October 2023.


Matrix Reimprinting Trainers Ted Wilmont & Sharon King have joined forces to bring you this online

 EFT & Matrix Reimprinting

 Support & Mentoring Programme

Eight 2-hour webinars to help you consolidate your training, deepen your knowledge and develop your practice

This webinar programme was recorded live but is now available for you as a permanent resource to work through in your own time. The Facebook group is still live and supported by both Sharon and Ted.

“What a brilliant resource, would highly recommend to all MR/EFT practitioners.” Niccola Willis

Many people take the training courses and read all the books yet still do not have the confidence to use these amazing tools in their practices.

“So many queries have been answered over the last two weeks.  I don’t feel so alone anymore as a practitioner.  I am also preparing to start practicing on paying clients now too.” Bea Czerkawska

We have listened to the concerns of both experienced trainers and trainees and have discussed with Karl Dawson how we can improve this situation.  This has led us to put together this programme which aims to address the needs of both experienced and budding practitioners who feel that they might benefit from extra support and mentoring.

Do you feel that:

  • You are lacking in knowledge,
  • You are lacking support,
  • You have 101 questions still to be answered that you didn’t know you needed to know when you attended the workshop,
  • You have tricky sessions where you’re not sure how to proceed,
  • You are finding that you’re not getting any clients or the right clients for you,
  • ‘Procrastination’ has become your new middle name,
  • You wish to keep up-to-date with new developments.

“I want to say big thank you to Ted Wilmont and Sharon King. This week my sessions were really powerful. I don’t think that was a coincidence. Suddenly I’ve noticed that I am not afraid any more of what might happen in the session!! My confidence is on another level and that shows in my communication with clients.” Manjana Dragojevic

Throughout the eight webinars in this programme we will help you to enhance your practitioner skills and we will revise the EFT and Matrix Reimprinting protocols.  We will also be answering your questions live.

“Just want to thank you both so very much for this webinar series! It’s been so brilliant with so much learning, I’m so glad I made the investment – I just know I will go back and review them all, as there are so many layers. Thank you Sharon and Ted it’s been really special.” Sue Baker

These webinars will include EFT & Matrix Reimprinting demonstrations with 4 willing volunteers on various themes such as:

  • Following the Energy.
  • How to find Beliefs.
  • How to work with non-visual clients.
  • Creating safety for the client and their ECHO.
  • How to get to and working with pre-conscious ECHO’s
  • Matrix Future Reimprinting

“I knew the webinars were going to be good but I didn’t realise quite how helpful they would be. A fantastic and great resource. I will keep them and revisit them often for tips. And for a refresh. Thank You so much.” Sarah Impey

We will be discussing the following themes:

  • Introducing EFT & Matrix Reimprinting in a clear and professional manner to friends, family and potential clients.
  • Working on yourself – self care, blocks, procrastination, fears, gaining confidence, creating what you want from your practice, pricing…
  • The importance of Swap Sessions.
  • Creating your own tapping video for clients.
  • Working with phone and online sessions versus face-to-face.
  • Working with ECHOs – finding them, creating safety, losing connection, protective ECHOs and Gatekeeper ECHOs, allowing ECHOs to lead…
  • Keeping your client out of their story.
  • The value of pre-framing and re-framing.
  • Tapping on Beliefs.
  • Recap on Big T and little t traumas,
  • What to change in the Matrix and what not to change,
  • Working with serious disease
  • Why “wallpapering over the cracks” doesn’t work i.e. remembering a past positive picture / feeling from a different event and overlaying the trauma,
  • Reimprinting – Knowing when and what to reimprint; does everything have to be perfect to reimprint?
  • Has the negative belief really changed? Being careful not to reimprint a negative belief.
  • Is using violence in the Matrix appropriate? If so, when to use it and how.
  • Importance of homework for client.
  • How to work with non-visual clients.
  • Recap on “What’s NEW with the Matrix Reimprinting protocols”
  • How to find client resources and support.
  • and answering many more practitioner questions

“So much information on so many topics and the demos were also very informative. Thank you very much! It helps a lot.” Anja Branitzki

We also give our pledge to encourage, support and provide resources to all so they may
achieve their goals with EFT & Matrix Reimprinting.

INVESTMENT package £99 £49
This online program will be discontinued from 3rd October 2023.

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Things you need to know about this programme:

  • There will be lifetime access to all the video and audio’s contained in the Membership site
  • The private Facebook group is available to ask any questions that are not already covered on the programme.
  • Anybody from any EFT association including AAMET, AMT and EFT Universe can join this programme.
  • This programme is not a compulsory requirement for EFT or Matrix Reimprinting qualification but is strongly recommended as a resource to all trainees and established practitioners as it includes up-to-date developments and insights on how best to use EFT and Matrix Reimprinting.

These updates derive from the experience of many trainers, in particular from the continued vision and teaching of Karl Dawson who is constantly developing Matrix Reimprinting and its application in therapy.

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Sharon King is the author of Heal Your Birth, Heal Your Life and the creator of Matrix Birth Reimprinting, an evolutionary protocol that enables us to rewrite our birth experience.  Many experts worldwide are united in the understanding that how we come into the world affects our emotional and physical health on a multitude of levels.  Sharon teaches that by rewriting our birth experience with this powerful tool, we are able to enhance our wellbeing in many significant ways.  Sharon has helped thousands of people all over the world to rewrite their birth stories, resulting in remarkable improvements in their lives in the present.  She has taught practitioners how to help others transform their experience of birth and of being in the uterus, too.  Sharon currently works with pregnant women to help them have an empowered, natural birth and also with parents whose children experienced a birth trauma.

Learn more about Sharon at MagicalNewBeginnings.com

Ted Wilmont is a Matrix Reimprinting master practitioner and trainer of 12 years’ experience and has developed his own Life Beyond Fear Workshops from the experience that he has gained from working with his many clients from all over the world.  As well as working with clients worldwide, Ted teaches and trains practitioners.  He also offers mentoring services for both new trainees and working practitioners who wish to deepen their knowledge and extend their skills using these techniques.

For more information about Ted’s practice and to view short video clips as well as many more comments both from clients and trainees, visit http://eft4life.co.uk/