Empowerment Meditation

Hello and welcome to the Empowerment Meditation where I invite you to join me on a journey to release thoughts, feelings and emotions that are held in our body, preventing us from feeling our true authentic power. During this Empowerment meditation we will be using the frequencies of colour, the power of our breath, the sound vibrations of music and the healing power of our own voice to help move the stuck energy in our energy centres. Please feel free to explore whatever vocal sounds work for you. It maybe you would like to tone AUM, OM, AH, OH, MM on your out breath, or maybe you may like to make a gentle sighing sound. Feel free to explore what feels right for you in the moment. Remember to breathe in through your nose as your belly rises and sigh or tone out through your mouth. I hope you enjoy the journey.

Love and Magic


Music Credits

I would like to thank the following amazing artists

Jonathan Goldman – The Divine Name I AM
Trevor McGrath – 110hz Frequency
Dimitri Miteff – Relax, Flue, Gong Sound Healing
Lee Harris – Beautiful