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The Art of Self Care: releasing the pattern of self-sacrifice to a new way of being

16 May, 2022at 10:00 am - 30 May, 2022at 12:00 pm


When you say ‘Yes’ to others, make sure you are not saying ‘No’ to yourself. Paulo Coelho

The need to care for ourselves is more critical than ever in these continuously shifting times

Do you find yourself

  • Frozen with overwhelm?
  • Feeling stressed, tired and resentful?
  • Feeling compelled to sacrifice all your good self care practices because you’re in fear?
  • Waking up anxious before the day has even started?
  • Always putting others before yourself?
  • Spending so much time on your work or researching world events you don’t have any time left for yourself or loved ones?
  • Agreeing to do things you don’t want to do?
  • Not having the time and the energy to do the things you want to do?
  • Often have the feeling of being restricted, trapped or closed in?
  • Needing permission from someone else to take the time out for yourself?
  • Feeling wrong when you do put your needs over others?
  • Having the subconscious belief, it is wasteful to spend time or money on yourself?
  • Is it safer to deny yourself and puts others first?
  • Have you unconsciously made yourself sick, just to be able to say no I can’t do that anymore?
  • Are you constantly over giving to another or to your work?

Would you like to:

  • Unconditionally prioritise your wellbeing?
  • Be able to recognise when you need to stop and self-care?
  • Know the early signs of chronic stress
  • Be able to spend more guilt free time and money for yourself?
  • Start to feel more focused, relaxed, rejuvenated, energised and happy?
  • Feel more empowered because you can now create space for self-care
  • Know yourself at a deeper level?
  • Have a sense of emotional freedom so you can easily be more available to others
  • Feel able to choose to step into peace instead of fear and to be able to influence others to do the same
  • Be more focused so you have the ability for critical thinking and discernment
  • Be able to spend more quality, happy and guilt free time with those you love

If you find yourself saying ‘Yes’ to some or all of these questions, then this 3 part webinar series is for you.

We will be using the Art of Self Enquiry to deep dive into

  • What does self-care mean to me?
  • Where do these thoughts and feelings come from?
  • What beliefs do I have around self-care?
  • What is my level of self-worth?
  • What is the energy that is holds all of this in place?

If you missed the Art of Self Enquiry webinar you can watch the replay here

We will be guiding you how to

  • Bust the beliefs around being selfish
  • Create your new self-honouring and self-nurturing way of being
  • Use effective tools to take away and continue the process of changing the negative patterns
  • Use EFT (tapping), Guided group clearing meditations

FREE Bonus videos to enjoy in your own time

Soma Breath daily dose to energise your day

Explore your needs and your life values

Regular Price £149.00 (approx. AUD$ 280.00)

Early Bird investment £99 (approx. AUD$ 187) Finishes 10th May

Dates: 16th 23rd 30th May 2022

Times: 10am-12pm GMT (What time is it for me?)


Recording of the live webinars will be available within 12hrs of recording, if you are unable to attend live or would like to revisit the training at any time.

Bonus material will be added to the membership site for extra education and information and may not be offered as a live call.

Links to join the Zoom webinar will be sent out with confirmation of payment. Please ensure you have registered your name and correct email for all the webinars in the box provided.

Sharon King

About Sharon King

Author of Heal Your Birth, Heal Your Life – Energy Psychology Trainer & Therapist

Sharon is an international trainer of holistic and energy psychology techniques for transforming trauma and living a more joyful life. One of her specialties is working with pre and perinatal birth trauma for both mother and baby. Sharon is the author of Heal Your Birth, Heal Your Life: Tools to Transform Your Birth Experience and Create a Magical New Beginning. To date her book has been published in English, German, Romanian, Bulgarian and South Korean, with a Spanish version in the pipeline. Sharon’s new book “Into The Light Matrix and Beyond: Tools for Transforming Past Lives, Clearing Ancestral Patterns and Living Your Life Purpose” is coming soon.

Sharon’s specialty is transforming your experience of giving birth or being born and any trauma associated with conception, pregnancy and birth. She also works with mothers-to-be to achieve a natural birth, infertility, supporting women going through IVF, adoption issues and helping to heal the wounds of losing a baby. Sharon travels the world sharing her knowledge and teaching other practitioners and birth professionals to do the same.

Her training is extensive, with qualifications and experience in holistic healing modalities and creating her own; Birth Reimprinting and Light Matrix techniques, for transforming ancestral patterns, past life issues and finding your life purpose.

Some of the current tools Sharon uses are EFT (Tapping), guided meditations and breathwork techniques, colour and sound healing frequencies. Sharon’s is currently living in beautiful Thailand and working towards her program for Parents-to-be to achieve a conscious conception, pregnancy and birth and new training programs for practitioners in energy psychology.

Jane Sleight-Leach

About Jane Sleight-Leach

Founder of The Life 2 Project • Practitioner • Retreat and workshop facilitator

Jane developed the Life 2 Project to address the deep need for women who have experienced abuse to be able to effectively release embedded trauma, heal the past and recreate a future that is of their own design.

Jane researched, designed, built and regularly delivers workshops and retreats, with the specific needs of women who have experienced abuse and trauma through personal relationships in keen focus. Having worked with several rounds of government funding, Jane has established an effective framework to be able to facilitate real change at the local community level.

Through her own experience Jane understands the complexities and nuances of the recovery journey, and remains dedicated to keeping flexibility and flow as a core principle of the work, keeping the needs of women central.

As well as facilitating retreats and workshops, Jane provides private sessions, for both men and women, focused on resolving trauma, releasing embedded destructive beliefs and opening intuition, emotional strength and future vision. Jane has developed her own effective methods, a fusion of the numerous modalities she has trained in and practiced over many years.

Jane is Certified in EFT, Advanced Evidence Based EFT for Trauma, Matrix Reimprinting, Matrix Specific Issues, Matrix Birth Reimprinting, Matrix Past Life Reimprinting and EFTMR Trainer for Personal Use.

Jane has been working very successfully with these highly effective and transformative tools since 2014.

Cancellation Policy

The following are % refunds based on the time before the start date that a cancellation is requested. It is assumed that the program is full paid up.

100% up to the start date

0% if cancelled after the start date


16 May, 2022at 10:00 am
30 May, 2022at 12:00 pm