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Quick and easy red hot tips shared by Becky Walsh on this webinar:

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  • How to change energy in a space.

  • Not take on board other people’s emotions.

  • How to stop clients and family, friends draining your energy

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  • How to keep your ‘life’s purpose’ out of your private life.

  • How to deal with overwhelm and surges of emotion and much much more.


And so much more.  Have a listen below

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Becky and Sharon gave quick fire and intuitive responses to e-mailed questions.¬†Many of which are common to the subject and may answer your questions too, even if you couldn’t make the call.

Becky’s teaching was in her ‘down to earth’ funny style, worth a listen even if you just fancy a day brightener.

Some of the many subjects we cover

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  • How to stop clients and family, friends draining your energy
  • How to deal with feeling the pain of the world.
  • Disconnecting from clients after a session


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  • Being sensitive to buildings, land and objects etc
  • Carrying other peoples energy
  • Dealing with a family member with mental illness
  • The need to fix our client.



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Absolutely fantastic ladies. Informative, amusing and inspiring. Suzanne

It is so lovely to experience what you and Becky have created together. Alexanda

It was an awesome webinar. I learned a ton and am excited about the series. Kate

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