Date(s): Monday 17th, Wednesday 19th, Friday 21st November 2014 7pm – 9pm UK time (GMT) 
Facilitator(s): Sharon King
Venue: Your home

Life Purpose & Past Life Webinar Series

Future Past & Present sign in the skyWould you like to discover your life purpose?

What if you could connect with what it is you are here for, and discover your higher or soul purpose?

Imagine if you could understand the deeper meaning of your life experiences and transform your perceptions about what you have been through.

How about if you could understand and transform the illnesses that run in your family, and break free from your ancestral patterns And would you like to transform your beliefs and negative emotions, so that you can fully identify where they were formed and be empowered to change them.

On this workshop you will learn tools to:

  • Discover your life purpose and your soul contract
  • Discovering your pre-birth agreements and how we can change our agreements
  • Learn how past lives are affecting your present and transform your past life experiences
  • Clear your ancestral fields
  • Introduction to the new Light Matrix technique – Clearing your blocks using energy and without the need for going into the story
  • Deepen your understanding of where you beliefs and negative emotions were created
  • Clear your judgments that are holding you back from reaching your highest potential
  • Align with your spiritual self and assist your soul to become more fully in your body
  • Learn how to open up to more joy, love and peace with your life


Click Here to listen to Janet Conner speaking with Linda Backman, author of The Evolving Soul on “Have We Been Here Before?” discussing how we create pre-birth blueprints, past lives, the seven soul archetypes, and your “soul ray” If you love this interview you will love learning how we can transform our energy and beliefs now using Matrix Reimprinting and other energy techniques

Join Sharon King, creator of the Matrix Birth Reimprinting protocols, featured in the Hay House book Matrix Reimprinting Using EFT, for these groundbreaking workshops.

Workshop Investment: £149.00 

MBR Online Special Discount £99.00

What others are saying:

sami“I have yet to meet anyone who has stepped so graciously into their soul purpose and worth. Your gift is a blessing to us all. It is an honour to work with you.” Sam Thorpe, Oct 2012 UK     317877_10150351651368599_294288899_n Thank you Sharon for an opportunity for awakening the unacknowledged part that has held back mypersonal development. I feel that many more men could benefit from this powerful and revealing work. You are a teacher in the best tradition and you are opening an important new access point for personal development. I am so pleased to have been a part of this amazing training. Thank you. Vic Thorpe, Oct 12 UK   PamI feel so privileged to have been on this training, it was absolutely awesome, each day brought even more magical changes for each one of us. The group had a really special bond that I haven’t got in other trainings. Thank you Sharon for holding that space for us and to Sam Thorpe for her wisdom. As you say, how does it get any better and what else is possible! Pamela Ashcroft, Oct 12 Uk   185883_1632136568919_549248_n“You are a ‘magical’ trainer! x SO blessed to have you in Bolton teaching and sharing your ‘life purpose’ with us. Can’t wait for more trainings in Bolton especially Advanced Colour May 2013” Ann-Marie Clare, Oct 12, UK   “Just wanted to say thank you Sharon. Your Matrix Birth Re-Imprinting and Past Life course last weekend in Brighton was awesome.  I learned so much, experienced so much and now feel more confident and able to support the release and re-imprinting of negative birth and past life situations for my clients, friends and family as well as clear my own “stuff”.  A life changing weekend that was well worth the investment. Bless you Sharon for the work you do.” Sarah Krona. Brighton UK June 2012

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