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Create a Magical Relationship With Money!

Presented by Susie Shelmerdine & Sharon King


Day 1


What we will be covering

  • Common beliefs around money
  • Generational impact on our beliefs
  • Our judgments around money
  • Shared thoughts and realisations


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Listen to the audio! (In 2 parts to increase quality)

[audio:http://www.magicalnewbeginnings.com/audio/CMRWM Day 1 Part 1.mp3] or download (right-click and select “Save”): Download the Audio

[audio:http://www.magicalnewbeginnings.com/audio/CMRWM Day 1 Part 2.mp3] or download (right-click and select “Save”): Download the Audio


You can also view or download the accompanying PDF:

CMRWM Day 1.pdf

Positive and Negative Belief Worksheets:

CMRWM Day 1 positive belief checklist .pdf
CMRWM Day 1 negative belief checklist MW.pdf