Matrix Birth Reimprinting

Would you like to learn how important our conception, our time in utero and our birth process is to the development of our beliefs and perceptions of the world?

Would you like to understand how our time in the womb and our birth stories affect our lives today and hear stories of how others have transformed their experience of birth.

Do you or your clients have abandonment or isolations issues or feelings of not being good enough or unlovable and just can’t get to the bottom of where these have come from?

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Who is this webinar for?

  • Anybody who has been born480216_4227734264224_513525746_n
  • Anybody who is pregnant and would like and empowered birth
  • Anybody wanting to be pregnant
  • Anybody who has given birth
  • Anybody who has lost a child
  • Anybody who would like to learn how to easily access pre-conscious memories
  • Anybody who feels they are being effected by their birth experience or work with clients who are
  • EFT and Matrix Reimprinting practitioners who would like to clear womb and birth trauma’s. So many client sessions often lead back to the time in the womb or birth
  • Birth Educators, Doula’s, Midwives

Sharon King is the creator of Matrix Birth Reimprinting featured in the book Matrix Reimprinting using EFT, published by Hay House and author of the forth coming book ‘Empowered Birth: Transforming your Experience of Birth’

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What others are saying

I wanted to say how much I enjoyed your recent webinar – the case histories you recounted were quite mindblowing!   Ros

This is one of the bet webinars I have heard for a long time. So pleased I took the time to listen to it. I use MR whenever I can with my homeopathy patients.   Rochelle Marsden

I really enjoyed the webinar from my front room last night.  You are an inspiration, taking this all over the world.  It’s healing for the world.  Even one persons Matrix is healing the world & you’re doing loads & teaching it.  Fantastic.    Jeanne-Marie

Thanks for a great webinar last night, so informative and interesting!  I am really looking forward to the training and starting to use it with my Clients and see the results. You really do present with great style that is so calm and easy to follow and with so much knowledge, you are an inspiration of where I want to be!    Lisa Millard

Thank you Sharon for this wonderful webinar. I have trained with Karl Dawson when he was in South Africa & read the book, but you have given me so many more insights into so much of what people experience on a day to day. It is almost tragic that so much of it starts so early in our lives, yet so wonderfully powerful to know that we can shift it all. Thank you for specialising in this area of Matrix Reimprinting & educating us. I am most grateful.    Sands

Thanks so much for your time and effort. This will be a tremendous help. I got up at 2am to hear the seminar and really loved it as I did the course in Melbourne. You are a light to the world. Thank you for living your soul’s purpose because in that you touch so many lives.    Lauretta


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