Matrix Life Purpose

Have you ever wondered what you are here for?

Perhaps you have a sense of a higher purpose that you have not yet discovered. And maybe you sometimes feel lost and disconnected as a result.

Do you sometimes feel that the universe is trying to teach you something? Could there be a deeper meaning to the challenging life experiences you’ve been through? And what about the illnesses and patterns that run in your family? Do you sometimes wonder if there is an underlying message or something that you need to learn?

And then there are your beliefs and negative emotions. Do you ever wonder where your patterns have come from and why you are being held back in certain ways?

And what about your highest potential? Do you feel like you have defined and reached it yet? And if you haven’t, what is it costing you to not be true to yourself and live as only a fraction of what you deep down know you can be.

Would you like to discover your life purpose?

What if you could connect with what it is you are here for, and discover your higher or soul purpose?

Imagine if you could understand the deeper meaning of your life experiences and transform your perceptions about what you have been through. How about if you could understand and transform the illnesses that run in your family, and break free from your ancestral patterns?

And would you like to transform your beliefs and negative emotions, so that you can fully identify where they were formed and be empowered to change them.

And then there is your highest potential. How would you feel if you were able to identify what was holding you back from reaching it, and step into your personal truth?

This 2-day workshop will enable you to do just that.

On this workshop you will:

  • Discover your life purpose and your soul contract
  • Learn how past lives are affecting your present
  • Transform your past life experiences
  • Clear your ancestral fields
  • Introduction to the NEW Light Matrix technique
  • Deepen your understanding of where you beliefs and negative emotions were created
  • Learn to transform birth traumas and traumas within the womb
  • Clear your blocks to reaching your highest potential
  • Align with your spiritual self and become more connected
Join Sharon King, creator of the Matrix Birth Reimprinting protocols, featured in the Hay House book Matrix Reimprinting Using EFT, for this groundbreaking workshop.


I absolutely loved the Matrix Birth Reimprinting and Matrix Life Purpose Reimprinting classes you taught in Orlando! I loved your comprehensive instruction and your calm and compassionate way of teaching. Beautiful work you do, as these topics are the foundations for deep healing work for anyone interested in truly healing their lives. I am already using these techniques in my practice and I know that by applying your teachings, my clients are experiencing profound and deep changes in their lives already. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are a wonderful and amazing teacher and healer!

Vicki Donhowe – Matrix Birth Reimprinting and Life Purpose Reimprinting, Orlando

Dear Sharon, Thank you very much for the excellent workshop. It’s the first time in my life that I have heard such a credible presentation of the reality of past lives.

Jean Cote Orlando, Florida

“Thank you Sharon for an amazing EFT, Matrix Reimprinting session. I have been having a deepening spiritual experience over the last 2 years but working with you on some blocks as taken my experience to even more deeply profound level. I know our work together is going to have positive effects on my personal and professional life.”


I have just finished two profound Life Purpose sessions with Sharon, and I am overflowing with gratitude. I love my life, but have carried with me a “death wish” since I was seven years old. By going back into two past lives and working in the “interlife”, what I call “soul space”, we were able to bring together parts of myself that I had not been able to integrate in the body I now inhabit. Once these pieces had been gathered together, we were able to heal the childhood wound/s in THIS life that have carried that “death wish”. It’s a paradox to love one’s life, and yet continually want to leave the planet. I know what awaits me in “soul space”, and have no fear of death, but with the new picture we were able to re-imprint onto my seven year old self, I am now able to be fully present in my body, which is certain to bring even more health, peace and joy into an already beautiful life. Thank you, Sharon.

Nancy. Maine, USA

Dear Sharon. Thank you so much for the deep and powerful session you did with me, taking me back to that crucially important past life. I’ve worked with some aspects of it before, but the realisation that I have a deep rooted fear about using my healing powers in any way, because it could potentially put those I love at risk, is completely new and explains very well some of my challenges with stepping into working fully as an EFT and Matrix Reimprinting practitioner. Curiously enough I’ve had more requests for sessions in the week following this session than I have in the previous 2 months. My relationship with my daughter has also been much calmer, which is what I really wanted to work on, I feel a new and deeper level of trust in myself as a mother.

I also very much appreciate the way you so clearly and gracefully guided me through the session, knowing exactly the right questions to ask and moving me along at a very comfortable pace, I was really surprised at how much we accomplished within a fairly short span of time. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Love Pia