The MetaClear Technique

Beyond trauma, to a brighter past, present and future


Dictionary meaning:

METAAbout the thing itself. Seeing it from a higher perspective instead of from within. Being self-aware.

CLEARTo remove, vacate, resolve or neutralise. To free from darkness, obscurity, or cloudiness; light:

What is The MetaClear Technique?

The MetaClear Technique is a methodology that has been developed over several years by Energy Psychology Trainers and Practitioners Sharon King and Jane Sleight-Leach. This fusion of original works by Sharon and Jane, combined with aspects of existing Energy Psychology and other energy, verbal and vibrationally based tools, has grown and evolved to become an elegant and effective technique in and of itself.

Stemming from their individual practices, working with the lived trauma experience of hundreds of clients, Sharon and Jane have now bedded down the MetaClear Technique as a working framework to facilitate gentle yet highly effective trauma release, energetic shifts, belief reorientation and behavioural change. Life impacting experiences which have led to life limiting ways of being can be worked through, and the embedded energy released, opening mind, body and spirit to new potential.

Working with the mind, body, spirit connection as the foundation, The MetaClear Technique has one intentional statement at its centre.

To move into a brighter emotional future, we must spend a little time in the present brightening the past.

The MetaClear purpose:

Awareness – To bring awareness to the power of the energetic disruption caused by traumatic memory, perceptions and created beliefs.

Exploration – Allowing the exploration of the sensory information that is present in the trauma “capsule”, which contributes to “post traumatic responses”, sabotaging behaviour, patterns, negatively impacting thoughts, emotions and beliefs.

Safe Release – The location and release of shock that may be present in the body and memory of a traumatic event. To release and clear energetically embedded trauma, negatively impacting patterns and behaviour.

Belief Reorientation – to reorientate a negatively impacting belief i.e., what the child/younger self made a traumatic event (actual or perceived) mean about themselves or the world i.e. “I’m not good enough”.

Utilising wisdom – using knowledge and perspective of the present self, and of the higher self, of guides, extra sensory beings and other presences.

Language reorientation – examining and shifting language patterns from negative to positive.

Shifting perspective – shift the perspective of the event(s) enabling it to be viewed from a place of wisdom, experience and higher perspective and perception.

Holistic connection – To develop and strengthen the powerful connection between heart, body, mind and the overall energy field, and to use it for healing, creating and relating.

Self-development – Learning the art of self-enquiry and building a nurturing relationship with self.

Strengthen Intuition – To access inner resources that are present beyond conscious perception.

Finding the gift – Finding the gift in the negative experience, what positive life learning can we take away and what change can now naturally occur?

Empowerment – To bring awareness that we are the source of our own healing and all we need is within us.

The MetaClear Background

Arising from the specialist fields of work in Birth Trauma, Domestic and Family Violence trauma release work, Ancestral Patterns, Past Life Influences, and Life Purpose Teachings, the framework of The MetaClear Technique has evolved into a distinct set of principles, methodologies and a guiding philosophy that allows release and life transformation on many levels.

Jane and Sharon have brought together their expertise and knowledge from their own developed work and their trainings, and have condensed and refined this into a single body of work to form a deeply transforming, yet simple and gentle process.  ©®

Your MetaClear experience for personal transformation

We are all evolving physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually, and our journey into ourselves is ongoing and even more important than ever before.

You may have noticed that your ability to manifest what you are thinking and feeling is happening quicker. This can powerfully bring the negatives as well as the positives. We may just as easily create what we are trying to avoid, or what we fear, unintentionally.

The MetaClear Technique guides you to becoming an artful and conscious manifester for your life, by becoming more intentional with your thoughts, feelings and emotions. This is vital as we move into powerful and exciting ways of existing as The New Human Consciousness.

The MetaClear Technique has the potential to resolve many issues that are common for most people in their:

  • Physical health– aches and pains, illness, endurance and fitness
  • Emotional health – anxiety, fears, phobias, addictions
  • Mental health – depression, PTSD, low mood, OCD, chronic stress
  • Spiritual health – beliefs, guidance, intuition, knowingness

The technique brings our inner work and personal practice to be equally as important as the work we do as practitioners. The availability of several tools within the MetaClear Technique allows the participants to choose what works best for them, placing the power of choice and control in their own hands.

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Your MetaClear experience as a training practitioner (in development)

You will soon have the opportunity to learn the technique that you have experienced for you inner transformational work, and develop the skills to bring this technique into your skillset as a practitioner.

This innovative program is currently in development.