Date: Starting Thursday 20th January weekly until 7th April 2022
Time: 9.00am UK, 10.00am Europe, 7.00pm Brisbane (What time is it for me?)
Venue: Online – Each webinar will be approx 2 1/2 Hours

The New Human Guide

A conscious journey to empowerment, navigating new times and thriving


Most of us are here with the internal drive to help others with less and less time to deal with our own process of evolution. 

Maybe you are finding your current methods of selfcare are not working for you in the way they used to or you are feeling too scattered to be able to prioritise or focus on your own wellbeing.

Maybe you are finding that you are feeling more isolated than ever before and craving meaningful, aligned, supportive and enriched community. 

Would you like to be part of a journey that offers you the opportunity to tap deeper into your own inner guidance and healing abilities with a like minded and like hearted group?      

In introducing this innovative 12-week journey, we invite you to be among the first group to participate in this brand-new concept in self-powering, reimagining and un-programming of our collective psyche.

Our new journey is beginning.

There are many unknowns ahead of us, many uncertainties, but there are so so many possibilities and incredible potential.

We are embarking on the adventure of our lifetime.

We don’t need to tell you what this will mean for many people who have not yet become fully aware of the changes that are in process.

The changes coming are likely to seem beyond belief and alien to so many.

Perhaps on some level maybe for you too.

If you are facing your own challenges in these uncertain times whilst trying to also support clients, your work colleagues, your family, your friends, your community, this is an opportunity to strengthen and ground yourself in your abilities and take time to clear what is going on for you, learn new techniques and processes to help yourself and others.

There are many questions, many emotions and many ways to facilitate the healing that the entire planet needs. We are offering this new collection of tools and techniques and providing a safe and supported space to begin the transition to awareness, peace and balance.

Join us on this guided journey which includes our new MetaClear Technique, enabling you to rise above the chaos, break the spell and live more fully, authentically and purposefully with personal peace.

There are no prerequisites to taking this journey, anyone who is interested in personal transformation in these times of awakening are welcome.

Please note this is not a practitioner level training in any of the techniques offered but a deep dive into the techniques for your personal transformation. As many of you may already be energy psychology practitioners you will have some of the tools available to you to enable you to take personal responsibility for your wellbeing. However we will also have highly trained assistants on hand should the need arise during the webinars.

What may we experience on our journey together into the past, present and future potentials?

  • How to gracefully move from fear and overwhelm to inner peace and clarity, from powerless to empowered
  • How to feel safe living in uncertain times and learning the art of going with the flow and walking the middle road, letting go of judgements and conclusions about current reality
  • Understanding the Grief cycle and moving through it whilst still honouring the journey that yourself and others are on
  • How to explore and clear any vows and contracts that maybe unconsciously holding you back
  • Unhooking yourself from the matrix of ancestors, family and cultural programming
  • Exploring unhealthy dependant relationships and understanding the victim perpetrator cycle
  • How to take care of your own needs whilst still supporting others
  • Understanding the power of our words, our beliefs, that we unconsciously cast spells, both positively and negatively.
  • Unhooking from the need to be right, when to react and when not to react
  • The importance of silence, nature and inner exploration
  • Universal Laws of Magnetism: Understanding the power of intention and emotions to build more positive and beneficial timelines

This program will offer you the following resources and tools to guide you how to:

  • Feel more grounded and safer in your body
  • Feel more resourced to navigate uncertain times
  • Become the observer and unhooking from the drama
  • Neutralise unconscious patterns of self sacrifice and the diminishing of personal needs
  • Recognise your triggers from the past
  • Minimise shock and trauma
  • Discern your own truth
  • Manifest the life you desire, despite the chaos

New Process you will learn

  • The Art of Self Enquiry: How to get to the origins of your beliefs
  • The Art of Self Sovereignty: Changing the beliefs around authority and permissions
  • Introduction to the new MetaClear Technique: beyond trauma, into clarity
  • Introduction to the Light Matrix Technique to clear stuck energies in your body
  • Linguistics Repatterning

The tools for the journey:

  • The MetaClear Technique for clearing trauma
  • Meditation: awakening journeys to inspire you to have a deeper inner connection to source
  • EFT Tapping
  • Light Matrix Technique

Your guides for the journey ahead

Sharon King and Jane Sleight-Leach have both been working in the field of energy psychology for many years and between them have helped many 1000s of people transform their past experiences. Sharon’s is most well known for her work in pre and prenatal birth education, clearing past lives, ancestral patterns and helping people along the path to awakening. Jane’s speciality is working with women who have experienced domestic violence and helping them on their journey to live a more peaceful and empowered life. After highly successful projects working together in the past, Sharon and Jane are excited to be coming together to co-create on this program and the ongoing development of the MetaClear Technique. You can read more about your guides in their Biographies below. Both are fully committed to walking with you and guiding you on this journey. As with all journeys, first the guides must have already walked the path, but also be open to new directions. If you join us in this deep dive, we ask that you make a commitment be open to facing the challenges and to doing the inner work. This may include:

  • Show up to as many live calls as possible.
  • Being committed to doing a daily practice.
  • Commit to selfcare.
  • To do your own journaling and/or tapping processes.
  • Booking a session with a practitioner if needed. Please note practitioner sessions are not included in the price of the The New Human Guide but experienced practitioners can be recommended.

The ultimate goal is to:

  • Re-establish our-selves as our own navigation system
  • Recognise our intuitive power as our guide
  • Own our sovereign identity and accept responsibility
  • Have willingness to question and openness to hear the answers
  • Step more fully into self-leadership
  • Find the comfort in discomfort

What we can promise is all of us will be on the path together, but each and every one of you will experience the path differently. The path and outcomes are unique to you and the potential is in your own hands.

Each part of the journey will be recorded, you will have lifetime access to the recordings easily accessed through the membership site. There will also be a dedicated and private facebook group page where you can connect, ask any questions, exchange your experiences with each other and feel supported. There will also be a comprehensive workbook provided in pdf format for download at the start of the webinars.

Sign up here to join Sharon King and Jane Slight-Leach on this deep dive journey of a lifetime. 

£555 or 3 x monthly payments of £185

AU$999 or 3 x monthly payments of AU$333

Sharon King

Sharon is an international trainer of holistic and energy psychology techniques for transforming trauma and living a more joyful life. One of her specialties is working with pre and perinatal birth trauma for both mother and baby. Sharon is the author of Heal Your Birth, Heal Your Life: Tools to Transform Your Birth Experience and Create a Magical New Beginning. To date her book has been published in English, German, Romanian, Bulgarian and South Korean, with a Spanish version in the pipeline. Sharon’s new book “Into The Light Matrix and Beyond: Tools for Transforming Past Lives, Clearing Ancestral Patterns and Living Your Life Purpose” is coming soon.

Sharon’s specialty is transforming your experience of giving birth or being born and any trauma associated with conception, pregnancy and birth. She also works with mothers-to-be to achieve a natural birth, infertility, supporting women going through IVF, adoption issues and helping to heal the wounds of losing a baby. Sharon travels the world sharing her knowledge and teaching other practitioners and birth professionals to do the same.

Her training is extensive, with qualifications and experience in holistic healing modalities and creating her own; Birth Reimprinting and Light Matrix techniques, for transforming ancestral patterns, past life issues and finding your life purpose.

Some of the current tools Sharon uses are EFT (Tapping), guided meditations and breathwork techniques, colour and sound healing frequencies. Sharon’s is currently living in beautiful Thailand and working towards her program for Parents-to-be to achieve a conscious conception, pregnancy and birth and new training programs for practitioners in energy psychology.

Jane Sleight-Leach

Founder of The Life 2 Project • Practitioner • Retreat and workshop facilitator

Jane developed the Life 2 Project to address the deep need for women who have experienced abuse to be able to effectively release embedded trauma, heal the past and recreate a future that is of their own design.

Jane researched, designed, built and regularly delivers workshops and retreats, with the specific needs of women who have experienced abuse and trauma through personal relationships in keen focus. Having worked with several rounds of government funding, Jane has established an effective framework to be able to facilitate real change at the local community level.

Through her own experience Jane understands the complexities and nuances of the recovery journey, and remains dedicated to keeping flexibility and flow as a core principle of the work, keeping the needs of women central.

As well as facilitating retreats and workshops, Jane provides private sessions, for both men and women, focused on resolving trauma, releasing embedded destructive beliefs and opening intuition, emotional strength and future vision. Jane has developed her own effective methods, a fusion of the numerous modalities she has trained in and practiced over many years.

Jane is Certified in EFT, Advanced Evidence Based EFT for Trauma, Matrix Reimprinting, Matrix Specific Issues, Matrix Birth Reimprinting, Matrix Past Life Reimprinting and EFTMR Trainer for Personal Use.

Jane has been working very successfully with these highly effective and transformative tools since 2014.


  • Recording of the webinars will be available within 24 hours of recording, if you are unable to attend live or would like to revisit the training at any time.
  • Any bonus materials and mediations will be added to the membership site for extra education and information and may not be offered as a live call.
  • All meditations will be downloadable for continued use and lifetime access to the Membership site where all the video recordings will be available
  • Links to join the Zoom webinar will be sent out with confirmation of payment. Please ensure you have registered your name and correct email for all the webinars in the box provided
  • A private Facebook group will be offered for support and connection with others during the retreat
  • Refunds: If you decide for any reason this program is not for you then cancellation 2 weeks before commencement entitle you to a full refund. Cancelation after start date refund will be calculated based on time attended. Please note by canceling your future attendance will also mean no access to the membership site or Facebook support group.