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“Health, Wealth and Happiness: A Spiritual Fitness Intensive”

SP IntensiveWould you like to:

  • Free yourself from fear?
  • Learn to recognise your resistances and overcome them?
  • Flow with life rather than feeling you’re just being taken for a ride?
  • Expand your life and your capacity for peace, joy and happiness?
  • Enhance your well-being on all levels?

This intensive series is a ‘hard-core’ spiritual event to:

  • kick-start you on a fast and exciting “fitness” programme for your spirit
  • reveal the hidden places within where you’ve been blocking yourself
  • offer you tips on how to shift those blocks simply and swiftly
  • act as a potent “detox” for any clogged up old issues, beliefs and programmes you’re still running
  • reconnect you so that you can have access to a swift and clear spiritual connection ALL the time
  • show you where you are ready to shine
  • help you expand your life and light the path ahead
  • support you in freeing yourself from perceived limitations
  • offer you the keys to shift to a higher level in your life
  • provide you with the spiritual nourishment to feed your creative potential

This series is intensive and highly experiential. You won’t just be sitting back and listening – you’ll be guided and facilitated as you give yourself the spiritual ‘work-out’ of your life!

Here is a clip taken from the Spiritual Fitness webinar where we explore bottle 10, The Wheel of Fortune. This bottle, as the name would suggest, is about changes. You may find you are drawn to this bottle when there are changes going on in your life, when things are about to start a new cycle, when one part of your life has come to an end and something new is about to begin. There can be some uncertainly and fear at such times but this bottle is a wonderful support to help you shift into a new space. Enjoy the meditation to open and prepare you for change and new possibilities.


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Colour_Mirrors_close-81In this series we power through the first 36 bottles of the Colour Mirrors sytem – 12 bottles per session over 3 sessions. That’s 36 opportunities to let go of your excess ‘weight’, clear out your spiritual arteries, get your lifeblood pumping and raise your capacity for a life of health, wealth and happiness. These 36 bottles connect you with everything you need to make your life work!

As we look into each the 36 colour ‘mirrors’ in turn, you’ll discover how they reveal specifically, precisely and accurately EXACTLY what is going on within you. Armed with this understanding and information you become empowered to make new choices about how to live your life.

We’ll cover everything from ego and emotions to transformation and bliss; from judgement and anger to forgiveness and trust; from masks and martyrdom to magic. We’ll cover how to handle change and transitions in your life; how to find the flow and live from it; how to deal with overwhelm and stress; money, relationships, communication, creativity… all the factors that make up a human life.2

With this series and the 36 coloured mirrors it will hold before you, we invite you to travel right to your deepest inner core to find all the parts of yourself, even those you didn’t know were there, and learn to love them – which is the REAL key to health, wealth and happiness!

Who is this series for?

  • Maybe you’ve been on the spiritual path a long, long time and you’ve learned and evolved and grown, yet still your life is not working out quite how you thought it would.
  • Maybe you’re in need of a spiritual tune-up – an opportunity to get clear once and for all about what is holding you back and the pathway to take you forward.
  • Maybe you’re new to the spiritual side of life and feel bewildered and lost with all the books, teachings, seminars and courses out there and everyone telling you something different.
  • Maybe you’re already highly aware and living a great life but you know it can be even better.
  • And of course if you’re fascinated by colour and Colour Mirrors, no matter whether you’re new or highly experienced, there will be something here for you!

Your Spiritual Fitness Guides

melissie-jolly-2Melissie Jolly is an internationally renowned teacher of colour, with a background in fine arts and psychology. Her Colour Mirrors system has changed lives all over the world and her humour, grace, love, wisdom and inspiring teaching style makes being on her workshops a joy, an honour and a wonderful opportunity to receive.



Korani Sept 2011

Korani is a truly inspiring teacher and facilitator who lives her spirituality in every moment and is a wonderful role model forthose on a conscious path of Ascension. Korani has a radiance of pure energy and bright light which shines through in her workshops, sessions and books. She has the ability to share her wisdom, love and insights in a very special way and her gift is to help you grow and blossom into your authentic self.


SharonSharon King is an International Colour Mirrors trainer and trainer and creator of Matrix Birth Reimprinting. One of Sharon’s key skills is her ability to unlock people’s potential. She is both intuitive and compassionate, meaning that she can help people to shine a light on where their blocks are and sensitively transform them with a mixture of emotional and energy work. Sharon’s work is gaining popularity worldwide because of this ability.

5 Part Series Investment £99.00

6 hours of recordings

Ongoing Support

You know how often you start a fitness programme and it tails off after just a short time when there’s no one there by your side keeping you up to the mark? As the perfect support and complement to your spiritual ‘fitness’ programme and to keep the momentum going you can purchase any of the Colour Mirrors bottles at any time. Using the bottles you are assisted to shift old, outdated beliefs, patterns or habits which no longer serve you. The coloured oils and essences are effective in helping you make changes because they have a direct effect on your energy body, bypassing the conscious mind and assisting you to dissolve and release blocks and resistance you have been holding. All the bottles carry a unique healing vibration which interacts with your energy field. As you connect with, hold or bathe in the coloured oils and essences you allow their energy signature to interact with your own, bringing about subtle – and sometimes profound – changes. You may purchase Colour Mirrors bottles HERE.

We’ve also set up a “Spiritual Fitness” Members only Facebook page where you can connect with others, share experiences and receive support and guidance from your Spiritual Fitness Guides.

What others are saying about the Spiritual Fitness Intensive Series


“The webinar was so much more than totally awesome. I loved it, it was truly powerful stuff, very very deep and a huge experience for me in so many ways… wow wow wow. Much love and thanks for the wonderful experience.” Lesley

“I feel very strengthened following the webinar, so much clearer and more open. Hearing Melissie and Korani exploring the bottles and taking us into beautiful healing spaces is so wonderfully supportive, strengthening and enlightening. I know that as I move towards healing I will listen to the recordings again and again, new aha levels coming to light each time.Jayne

sami“This series of webinars surpassed all expectations, and my expectations have come to be very high with this amazing system! As a practitioner I wanted to learn more about the deeper meaning of each bottle, and for my own personal development I wanted to experience the deeper energy of each bottle. I was not disappointed on both counts. These sessions were such an incredible experience and the effects continue to ripple. Sharing the energy and space with others made the whole experience far more powerful that I could have imagined. Melissie and Korani’s words carried us into the depths and to the heights of insight. I am so grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this movement into a new age. I highly recommend anyone interested in understanding themselves and their path and purpose in the world to explore this system and attend these webinars.” Sam Thorpe



“I just wanted to add my thanks and congratulations for the truly inspirational idea of the Colour Mirrors Spiritual Fitness webinar with Melissie Jolly in South Africa & Korani in the UK and so beautifully hosted & produced by Sharon King. The wonders of global technology and visual powerpoint production, connected together with the audible voices of these two talented and gifted ladies was a masterpiece of energy that can only really be achieved with a group of beings all tuning in at the same time. The wealth of talent, knowledge, gifts and skills that they shared on the webinar can only serve to be a wonderful tool for the future of all those who listen to this on this first or indeed many other occasions. It truly is a point of reference. To experience the whole journey through colour in just three evenings, looking at the first 36 bottles in the Colour Mirrors system is really a bit of a power blast and can have no option but to allow things to change in the moment and the future. Such a positive route to “finding oneself” on a personal, spiritual and in my own case physical level. For those committed to their own journey or pathway in life or working with clients in any modality, I would so strongly recommend this programme and can see that as energy on earth shifts and time appears to move so much faster, this is really the true way forward.

Small words, but thank you so much ladies for allowing us all to “feel” this energy system all around the world.” – Deepest love Juules


998062_10151747785282110_862780406_n“Wow, what an amazing and powerful experience I had on the Colour Mirrors Spiritual Fitness Webinar recently! An intense few days learning bottles 1- 36. Such insights and understandings. The bottles that stood out for me were 28, 30, 33 and 34 which were all very poignant to me at the present moment in my life and Melissie and Korani delivered the knowledge in such a beautiful way that you cannot explain you just have to listen for yourself! I intend to go back and listen again and again to fully appreciate the magical bottles!”. Lisa Barry