“I had been told by doctors that it would be difficult for me to carry a baby due to my didelphys uterus. It created lots of fear. Not just about conceiving, but actually being scared of the idea of being pregnant and having to lie down for 9 months. It took me over 1.5 years to get pregnant for the first time. Unfortunately, I miscarried.

After that moment I contacted Sharon who helped me not only with the traumatic event of loosing a baby, but also with my anxiety to get pregnant again. In my mind, it had to happen immediately. Sharon helped me to let go of this idea.

One of Sharon strengths is how spot on she can be. I totally admire her for her insight. Also, she acknowledged that the baby needs to connect with me from the beginning when she asked me to tune into the energy of my future baby. That time I was really busy and focussed on work to ease my mind. I got pregnant again a month after I finished working with Sharon. A month, I was ill and I couldn’t properly work for 3 weeks. Therefore a lot of rest.

I was still in a risk pregnancy due to my condition, but so far away from lying. I was even attending pregnancy yoga classes. All thanks to Sharon and the amazing Matrix Reimprinting that helped me to clear my fears and anxiety.

Now, I can enjoy the time with my son Kavi, who will soon be one year old.”