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The Enlightenment Journey, Quantum Tools to Upgrade Your DNA

3 November, 2020 - 26 January, 2021


The Enlightenment Journey to Upgrade Your DNA

Starting Tuesday 3rd November at 9.30am GMT, continues every Tuesday and will continue for 3 months with an option to continue as there are 64 Gene Keys to explore.

Introduction to The Enlightenment Journey webinar video

Join Sharon King and Renira Barclay as we explore and awaken our true Gene potential

During this webinar series we will be using the Gene Keys, the Genius Insights quantum bioresonance program and the Colour Mirrors system to reprogram your Genes, to bring the body into harmony and awaken your consciousness.

This webinar series is for your own personal evolution, the evolution of your family but also there will be a focus on the collective consciousness to.

Each week we will be exploring one Gene Key per week that has been chosen form someones chart and we will be exploring this Gene Key as a group, as a group. You will be asked to use contemplation throughout the week to explore the Shadow (what is holding you back or needs healing), the Gift (the learning experience) and the Siddhi (your souls highest potential)

We will use the Genius Insight Biofeedback to send the energy signature of the Gene Key, plus the frequencies of chosen from collective ancestral energies in our DNA, Bach Flower Remedies, Solfeggio Tones, Nogier, Sacred Geometry, positive Emotions, Essential Oils and Herbs

We will also be using a chosen Colour Mirrors Oil bottle and Spritzer each week to compliment and support the healing of the shadow and helping us move into the Gift and Siddhi state. You do not have to own a set of the Colour Mirrors bottles to take part in this journey although having them will enhance the experience even further.

This journey will take dedication. There will be an inner knowing that you are ready to take on this journey of transformation. Many of the Gene keys you will find you can transition through easily, especially with the help of the Genius frequencies. However, It is helpful to have self-help tools such as EFT or have a swap partners or practitioner to help you through the journey should you need extra help. Private sessions can also be arranged with me.

If at anytime you decide to pause, slow down or stop the membership then that is completely fine. If you have come to the program late, after the start date then you will have access to the weeks webinars you have join in at. Past months webinar can be also purchased should you want to start from the beginning. We are not going to travel through the Gene Keys in numerical order. Rather, we will take the first Gene Key from each person as this is a much more playful way to do the journey and it makes it more personal to you and your family.

Each week you will have a new set of frequencies to use on your own Genius client App. Your choice as to how often you listen to them but we advise twice a day if possible for minimum of 5 minutes. Many people find the tones wonderful to mediate to and have experienced deeper and longer sleep patterns.

“We each contain a secret message – an essence. The point of the Gene Keys is to unlock the code and release your message, your special essence, into the world” ~ Richard Rudd

“Genius Insights Biofeedback is a method of energetic testing and harmonizing. The goal is to inspire your body to remember to be healthy and to employ all of your inner resources to achieve that goal. This energetic testing is based on the principles of quantum physics.” ~ Ariel Policano

“Colour Mirror is a system that will make your life more colourful, abundant and fun! The system will help you see yourself more clearly in the mirror of colour and once you have acknowledged your own power and beauty, everything else will fall into place so that you can live and life of abundant joy.” ~ Melissie Jolly

Weekly, 2 hour webinar for energy clearing and exploration of our shadow, gift and Siddhi & Facebook private community group
£297 for 3 months or £99.00 per month


For those who have purchased the Genius App then the frequencies will be sent to you to support you to work with throughout the week at the end of each weeks webinar. The recording will be accessible in the membership site should you not be able to attend live. See details below to purchase the App.

Recommended viewing for more information

Introduction to the Gene Keys
Introduction to the Genius Insight Biofeedback

Gene Keys chart – https://genekeys.com/free-profile/
If you do not know your time of birth then you can use 12pm or try 8am and 8pm and compare and see if anything changes

What you need to purchase in addition to monthly membership
Gene Keys Book from Amazon or any other bookstore
Genius Insights App one off payment of £40. Instructions for payment and download links will be provided in your welcome email.

How to Purchase The App
Please note the App can only be used on android or iphone or android or ipad devices, unfortunately not on a computer. Details on how to find, download and operate the App will be sent to you after signing up for the course.

Optional purchases
Colour Mirrors bottles you feel called to work with further and deeper with the bottles. You can order from Renira Barclay – renira.barclay@yahoo.co.uk
Bach Flower or Essential Oils – choose your own favourite supplier
Solfeggio Tones can be listened to free on Youtube

This group will have a dedicated Facebook group for connection though out the week.

We will also allow time during the webinar to check in and see how people are doing. If many people are feeling like they need more time with a certain Gene Key then we will continue the work with that one key before moving on to the next.


Your Hosts

Sharon King

Sharon King, Author of Heal Your Birth, Heal Your Life, creator of Matrix Birth Reimprinting and Light Matrix Technique is well known in the energy psychology world for her work helping people transform their traumas.

Sharon has also travelled the world teaching other energy psychology therapist how to work birth trauma, other life trauma and ancestral trauma. She very quickly realised in order to be able to do this work successfully, she also needed to take care of her own stress levels, emotional health and energy levels. Her passion for learning and growing her consciousness led her on a 3 year journey, learning from some of the best meditation/awakened teachers she could find. Teachers such as Dr Joe Dispenza and Niraj Naik.  This is where she fell in love with meditation and Soma Breathwork, with all the benefits it brings. After many powerful kundalini, enlightening and mystical experiences, Sharon is now combining all her past knowledge of healing and following a new path as a Soma Breath Instructor. Helping other people on their own healing journey, to heal the wounds of the past and opening their hearts more fully to unconditional love; awakening to the potential of who they really are and manifesting the life they want to be leading. Life changing work, for which she is very grateful to be doing, but also proof that you can manifest the life you want to lead. This stuff really works!

Renira Barclay

Adopted in 1956, Renira was brought up in Sussex within a hunting, shooting, fishing family and community, none of which particularly interested her. This didn’t stop her creativity (writing and art) and, once married, she took up watercolour portrait painting which she combined with bringing up her two children.

In 2013 she qualified as a hypnotherapist at the Phil Parker Institute, together with NLP and Life Coaching. Phil Parker failed Renira as a Lightning Process Practitioner (a blessing as it turned out) and so Renira trained with Karl Dawson in EFT and Matrix, helping out at the back during trainings. She became an EFT trainer in 2017.

In 2015 she trained with Sharon King and became a Matrix Birth Practitioner, then much enjoyed helping on Sharon’s trainings in Brighton and in Spain. Renira absolutely loved doing this!

In 2015 Renira did Louise Shaw’s Colour Mirrors Practitioner workshop and didn’t look back. The Colour Mirrors for her were the missing piece of the puzzle, and in 2017 Renira became a Colour Mirrors teacher thanks to the wonderful Korani.

In 2019 Renira wrote her ghost story The Magpie Winter, set in the bitter winter of 1962/3 in Sussex and this book will be published on 8th December 2020.

Renira has loved Tarot Cards since she was 16, as well as being very interested in the Bach Flower Remedies. Indeed she gave her son, Edward, Honeysuckle when he first went to boarding school, poor chap! Rescue Remedy was always to hand. Mind you, that was before the Colour Mirrors!


3 November, 2020
26 January, 2021