Soma Breath

Energise yourself with this fun, active, dynamic Soma breathwork meditation experience

Ancient Breathing Techniques Combined With Modern Technology Designed To Get You Into A Deep State Of Mediation Quickly & Easily

Experience Soma Breathwork For Health, Wealth, Vitality, Connection, Awakening, Manifestation, Problem Solving & Transformation

Activate Your Vision of Your Future With Breathwork Meditations

Breathing In A Rhythm To Induce An Ecstatic State In Your Mind & Body

Increases Your Energy & Wellbeing In Minutes

Reduce Anxiety, Stress & Worry

Bringing Balance To Your Mind, Body & Soul

The benefits of using SOMA Breath

  • Therapy – various breathing techniques to aid in reducing inflammation, stress, anxiety, depression, autoimmune, release trauma
  • Peak performance – Improved focus, energy, memory, resilience, work-out recovery of muscles, confidence
  • Manifestation – a process to bring what you truly want into your life visionary and psychedelic effects.
  • Awakening – release of Kundalini energy
  • Insights – bringing information from your soul – guides as to how to solve a problem
  • Health – release of Oxytocin and other feel good hormones – Activate your own inner pharmacy

The elements of a SOMA session

  • Dance/movement – balancing right and left hemispheres get build your prana energy
  • Chanting Aum – Activating your energy centres (chakras)
  • Breathing in Beats – calming down the Autonomic Nervous System – Heart coherence – builds even more prana energy
  • Outward Breath retention – release of feel good hormones and release of Stem cells for healing, Kundalini release
  • Inward breath retention – release of Kundalini energy, deeper sense of bliss
  • Relaxation – rest and repair of the body, deep meditation state
  • Hypnotic language – manifesting the life you want by reprogramming the subconscious mind

What you might experience

During a session – Trauma release, visuals, body vibrations and tingling, full body orgasms, white light, involuntary body movements, download of information

After a session – light headed, blissful, increased clarity, feeling of love and connection

Watch two different Soma Retreat Experiences

Niraj Naik, creator of Soma Breath describing the Soma Breathwork routine and the benefits of intermittent breathing

Follow along with Orlando as he is breathing and feel the benefits for yourself

To read more about the Science behind Soma –

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Two Specially Designed SOMA Meditations To Give You More Energy & Motivation In The Morning And Deep Relaxation For A Rejuvenating Sleep In The Evenings


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About Sharon

Sharon King, Author of Heal Your Birth, Heal Your Life, creator of Matrix Birth Reimprinting and Light Matrix Technique is well known in the energy psychology world for her work helping people transform their traumas. She has also travelled the world teaching other energy psychology therapist how to work birth trauma, other life trauma and ancestral trauma. She very quickly realised in order to be able to do this work successfully, she also needed to take care of her own stress levels, emotional health and energy levels. Her passion for learning and growing her consciousness led her on a 3 year journey, learning from some of the best meditation/awakened teachers she could find. Teachers such as Dr Joe Dispenza and Niraj Naik. This is where she fell in love with meditation and Soma Breathwork, with all the benefits it brings. After many powerful kundalini, enlightening and mystical experiences, Sharon is now combining all her past knowledge of healing and following a new path as a Soma Breath Instructor. Helping other people on their own healing journey, to heal the wounds of the past and opening their hearts more fully to unconditional love; awakening to the potential of who they really are and manifesting the life they want to be leading. Life changing work, for which she is very grateful to be doing, but also proof that you can manifest the life you want to lead. This stuff really works!

About the Founder of SOMA Breath

Niraj Naik, aka the Renegade Pharmacist, is a well-known health, wellness, and breathwork master. He initially worked as a community pharmacist in the UK but quickly realized that instead of helping people actually get better, his role was to dish out as many medications as possible. This harsh reality caused him a lot of stress which initially manifested itself into a chronic autoimmune condition called Ulcerative Colitis.
Not willing to accept medical advice which would leave him on prescription drugs for the rest of his life, Niraj decided to take matters into his own hands. At this time, a close family friend of his, Swami Ambikananda, allowed him to see this as an opportunity to prove that we all have the power within to heal ourselves. Learning some powerful breathwork techniques from his Swami, combined with health and nutritional knowledge that he already knew, Niraj ended up going into remission in just 10 months.
At this point, Niraj just knew he had to share what he learned with the world. He set out on a mission to learn alternative healing modalities and along the way got to train with masters in their field like multiple world record holder Wim Hof, Britains Top Therapist Marisa Peer and Author of “A Medical Understanding Of Yoga” Dr Prakash Malshe.
After years of studying and experimenting with different modalities, Niraj combined his vast knowledge of breathwork, yoga, brainwave music and guided meditation techniques to create SOMA Breathwork.