The Soma Breathwork: One Day Experience

Learn how to correctly do each element of Soma Breath and why each one is important to your health and wellbeing

  • Dance/movement
  • Chanting
  • Breathing in Beats
  • Outward Breath retention
  • Breath Hold
  • Relaxation

Experience 3 Powerful Soma Breath sessions
Free 1 hour guided meditation to take away and practice at home

The Soma Breathwork: Two Day Experience

Day One is as above
Day Two we go deeper into the Soma experience
Bespoke mediations can include one of the different themes such as

  • Manifesting the Life You Want to Live
  • Awakening or deepen your Awakening process
  • Healing past trauma
  • Opening your heart to receive more love and joy in your life
  • Balancing the bodies energetic systems
  • Healing in Utero and Birth Trauma
  • Healing Ancestral Patterns
  • Connecting with your Guides
  • Healing Past (other) Life experiences
  • Getting to the Heart of your Relationship issues

The Soma Breathwork: Three (or More) Day Experience

As Soma Breath Two Day Experience but we go deeper again, combining a number of themes and include more time for personal work, exploration and Soma meditations.

Each Retreat will be different depending on the facilities on offer. They may include Ecstatic Dancing, Yoga, Hot Tub, Sauna Soma Experience, Beach Soma Sessions, Sunset Soma Sessions, Mountain Soma Experiences, Trips to explore the local area.

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