Cecil the Lion – Did His Death Have Purpose?

Cecil the Lion, the most famous animal in Zimbabwe.

I feel that just about everybody I know has been moved in some way by his story of his death. Cecil was lured away from the safety of his sanctuary and then hunted using cross bows for many hours and finally shot dead by Walter Palmer, who paid $50,000 for the honour of this experience of killing this awesome animal.

More details of the story can be found here.

1513211_922953831094418_1933494598836461610_nIt has been interesting watching how everybody on the social media has been moved in some way by what has happened.. Many people are angry/saddened and shouting for revenge. They have setup and signed petitions to try and stop the hunting of endangered animals from continuing. If you would like to add your voice then you can sign up here too. The hunter (Palmer) has now become the hunted as he has gone into hiding. May people want him and the company who he paid for this act to be prosecuted for their crime. They say that Karma is becoming instant and I think in this case it certainly is.

But what if there was a bigger picture here? One that we are missing. Many people have been asking what is it about the killing of this animal that makes it so different to the 100,000’s of animals we kill every hour of every day? In my Life Purpose training we discuss that we have many types of purposes in life and one type is ‘Death Purpose’. What if Celic was born with a strong death purpose? What if there was a contract between Cecil and Walter Palmer to bring knowledge and awareness to the planet of the mindless killing of animals?

It would take a special well known and well loved animal like Cecil to do this, to move people so passionately to start campaigning for change. We never change anything until we become very uncomfortable… and anger is the emotion that we use to motivate us to create change.

So I am honouring Cecil for his part he has played in giving his life to create change and bring awareness. But we must also honour Walter Parker for the part he has played too. If we step out of judgement for a moment here and see that there is a bigger picture, then we can take action to help stop this from happening again.. but not by stressing our bodies and mind with judgemental thoughts and feelings towards Mr Parker but by taking action, signing petitions, sharing on social media and feeling the positive energy of this great being who came here to shine his light into the darkness of humankind.

If you would like to learn more about Life Purpose trainings CLICK HERE


Taking a Walk on The Spiritual Side of Life

Life after death has always fascinated a lot of people, including myself but now I’m finding I’m even more fascinated in finding out how we get the most out of the life we have here on earth right now and how we can be more 100% self.

“95% of all our thoughts feelings and emotions do not belong to us”

A powerful statement by Access Consciousness. As empathic beings we unconsciously pick up on everyone and everything around us. We are also influenced by our parents, grandparents, ancestors and cultural beliefs and emotions, starting from being in the womb going throughout our early childhood, which can effect who we are, how we feel and how we behave.

I’m also fascinated by this statement from my no 1 favourite book “The Afterlife of Billy Fingers” written by Annie Kagan, channeled to her by her bad boy brother Billy Fingers from the other side.

“Even though you don’t have your body anymore, you still feel like an individual. Actually, you feel more like yourself than you did when you were alive. There’s so much influence from others while you’re on earth that in a way you don’t get to be you.”

So I’m going to ask you two questions, but first put your hand on your heart and breath in for the count of 5 and out for the count of 5. Do this 4 or 5 times until you feel yourself relaxing and your mind clearing then rate from 0-100% on how true this is for you ask yourself

“How much of your thoughts, feelings and emotions belong to you?


“How much of your soul is in your body?”

You maybe surprised by the answers from your subconscious.

In Dr Linda Backmans book “The Evolving Soul” she says that we choose how much of our soul we bring with us into this life from 20% up to 35%, so that means if we are only this small amount of the expression of our soul AND 95% of how we express ourselves and view the world is influenced by other people energies and beliefs, then that only leaves a very small part of your soul free to be you.

This is why I love my work with Matrix Reimprinting, Matrix Birth Reimprinting and the Life Purpose/Past Life as I get to help others (and myself) to find ways to become more 100% self. Right now when I ask myself that question I’m feeling 80% self but this can change depending on how conscious of what belongs to me and what belongs to others I am during the day. But also thanks to all the work I have done to clear past emotional traumas and negative beliefs I have… some are still work in progress as I’m finding out as I write my book, always good for bringing up your limiting beliefs and fears.

My wonderful friend Janet Conner author of “Writing Down Your Soul” has interviewed both Dr Linda Backman and Annie Kagan and you can access these fabulous interviews by clicking on their book cover images

Evolving soulBilly






All of Janet’s fabulous interviews can be found here



And check out Janet Conner’s fabulous book Writing Down Your Soul which has just become No 1 bestseller on Amazon



If after listening to these interviews you are interested in exploring more on the following subjects of

  • How your past lives are effecting you right now and how to transform them
  • How to discover your Life Purpose
  • How to be more 100% self and invite more of your soul into your body
  • How to clear your Ancestral Patterns
  • Learn how to use the New “Light Matrix” technique
  • Learn how to access your Pre-Birth planning meeting
  • Discover what judgments are holding you stuck in life

Then I will be hosting a 3 part Life Purpose and Past Life Webinar series starting on the 17th November where will be will looking deeper into these subjects and much more. CLICK HERE for more information on the webinars and to sign up.

All Events

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Sharon King Interview with Julie Zommers

Sharon King is interviewed by Julie Zommers on her Truly, Madly, Deeply, Happy Conversations

I just loved being interviewed by Julie Zommers on Matrix Birth Reimprinting. We covered so much in such a short space of time..

  • What is Matrix Birth Reimprinting
  • How Matrix Birth Reimprinting was conceived
  • Discover how you can heal your life by healing your experience of birth
  • How your birth stories affect your life and your children’s lives
  • Matrix Birth Reimprinting transformational stories
  • Plus so much more…..

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Sharon King presents at AMT-2014!

Sharon King EFT AMT2014

Welcome to the 2014 EFT & Energy Conference!

Conference Home & News
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AMT 2014

Key Details:





The AMT was founded in 1998 and a year later we held our first energy conference at the Meridian Hotel in London Gatwick, UK. Since the nineties we’ve been proudly banging-the-drum for modern energy work in all its forms including EFT Tapping and Energy-in-Motion (EmoTrance). Over the years millions of people have now discovered that they too can literary transform their lives for the better. The Internet has made this information much easier to distribute but it is the EFT & Energy Conference that brings people together each year; to learn, share and evolve.

From 2010 to 2013 we made the London Gatwick Europa Hotel our home and each year we had a fabulous conference that brought together fabulous people to listen to fabulous presentations. But this year we feel it is time for something new and exciting to take us forward as we continue to grow. We scoured the United Kingdom looking at countless venues but none of them seemed quite right. That was until we fell in love with The Eastbourne Centre.

I look forward to meeting you in person in November – that’s just 4 months and 28 days away! Until then, if you have any questions please do get in contact.


Alex Kent
Conference Organiser

ps: Tickets for the conference including all the bonuses are just £149.00 for the next 1 days only – so save yourself £150.00 by booking today!

Conference Presenters & Schedule

With over twenty presentations to choose from, you’re spoiled for choice! You don’t need to book workshops in advance and we give you the audio/video recorded afterwards free-of-charge, making this a great learning package. You’ll also receive the audio/video from our 2013 conference free-of-charge shortly after you book your ticket.

The line-up for the 2014 EFT & Energy Conference is…

Sharon King – Birth Reimprinting
Silvia Hartmann – Soul Matters
Amy Kiberd (Hay House) – Writing, Speaking and Promotion for Energists
Richard Flook – Advanced Clearing Energetics (ACE)
Kate Marillat – Transform Your Beliefs, Transform Your Life
Patricia Walls – Sacred Activations
Stefan Marcec – Shadow Tapping
Ben Meijer – Acceptance and Commitment Therapy ACT
Corah Clarke – Plugging Back Into Nature
Alex Kent – Internet for Energists
Ray Manning – Stop Feeding Entities that No Longer Serves You
Alfred Heath – BSFF
Peter Delves – Get Lucky!
Silvia Hartmann – Marketing for Energists
Barry Smale – Shaolin Energy Skills in the Present Day – Developing Internal Energy for healing and resilience
Jimmy Petruzzi – Excel at Business
Susan Kennard – The Heart and Soul of Understanding Relationships
Alan Balfour – The Orgonite Saga, Positive EFT & a Bit of Grounding
Laura Moberg – Navigating by True North: Using Emotions as a Compass and Qigong as a Correction
Margarita Foley – Connecting with the Divine – EmoTrance & Prayer
Sam Thorpe – Aligning the Heart, Balancing the Brain
Marilyn Devonish – Tapping into the Energy of Creating & Transforming Your Future
Prof Tony Stewart & Dr. Liz Boath – TBA
Beatrice Salmon-Hawk – Losing Weight with E.F.T. & E.M.O.

Please note that all presentations and presenters are subject to change and we’ll upload details on all the presentations ASAP!

Previous Presenters

Lesley Hales

Previous presenters of the EFT & Energy Conference have included:
2013: Silvia Hartmann, Rob van Overbruggen, Karina Grant, Jimmy Petruzzi, Karen Bell, Alfred Heath, Dr. Liz Boath, Jan Scholtes, Reto Wyss, Ilka Wandel, William Taylor, Ray Manning, Aisling Killoran, Olivia Roberts, Tom Wynn, Sami Thorpe, Corah Clark, Stefan Marcec, Susan Kennard, Philip Davis, Christine Sutton & Mark Robertson – more info
2012: Silvia Hartmann, Marilyn Devonish, Jimmy Petruzzi, Davide Focardi, Kim Bradley, Mathilde Barbier, Oli Peltier, Karl Dawson, Dr. Liz Boath, Mary Louise Muller, Sara Bern, Konstadina Sadoriniou, William Taylor, Penny Croal, Madison King, Laura Moberg, Cathy Dixon, Ute Holcombe, Dr. Thornton Streeter, Sami Thorpe & Dez Sellars – more info
2011: Silvia Hartmann, Sandi Radomski, Karl Dawson, Dr. Thornton Streeter, Monika Denes, Vera Malbaski, Tom Wynn, Shelagh Jones, Peter Delves, Kim Bradley, Lesley Michelle, Immanuel Yosef, Mark Robertson, Sean Grey, Marilyn Devonish, Ray Manning, Dr. Martin Luthke, Dr. Terry Lynch & Irene Lambert – more info

Special Offer: Purchase your EFT & Energy Conference tickets today (Tuesday 3 June) and we’ll give you the 2013 conference audio, video & PDF downloads free-of-charge!

Pre & Post Conference Trainings

Project Sanctuary Master
We are excited to announce that Silvia Hartmann will be presenting the brand-new live AMT Project Sanctuary Master training which may very well be the first to be delivered in English. That will be perfect since the our backdrop for this training will be the English Channel!

In addition, at the main EFT & Energy Conference we’ll be awarding experienced energists with AMT Master Energist status. This status will be awarded to those who hold certificates in: EFT Master Practitioner, Energy-in-Motion Master Practitioner, Project Sanctuary Master & Energist Trainer. If Project Sanctuary Master is the accreditation you’re missing then this will be a fabulous opportunity to work with Silvia Hartmann in a small group.

There is currently a 20% discount for booking early and please note that spaces on this course will be strictly limited. For prices & to purchase tickets see: Conference Online Booking System

More pre & post-conference training workshops tba.

Ticket Ordering Information

How To Order

The AMT has an online ticket ordering system that accepts payment by bank transfer (preferred), card payments via PayPal, card payments by phone and cheques:
Purchase Tickets Online for EFT & Energy Conference

EFT & Energy Conference Ticket Prices

Tickets for the 2014 EFT & Energy Conference are £299.00 GBP but you can purchase tickets today for just £149.00 – that’s a saving of £150.00! Discount is valid till Wednesday, 4th June.

Your EFT & Energy Conference Ticket Includes:

  • Two days and a night of NEW presentations, exciting workshops and energy events
  • Last year we had over 20 fantastic presentations, hands on workshops and the latest techniques from the top people in EFT & Energy from around the World.
  • Energy Party on the Saturday Night
  • Energists know how to party!
  • Comprehensive 2014 EFT & Energy Conference Manual
  • Featuring presentations from this year and many from previous years we don’t hold back in putting the extra-effort into your conference manual! We work with a publisher and printer to give you this professionally produced keepsake of your time with us. More details tba.
  • I heart Energy Goody Bag
    The bag itself is perfect for people who love energy to keep all their stuff in and we’ll give you lots to get started with!
  • Special Bonus: AMT2013 Audio & Video Download Library – Value £99.00
    Download last years presentations including: Silvia Hartmann – Positive Energy Stronger, Faster, Smarter, Healthier – But Most Of All, HAPPIER, Rob van Overbruggen – METAMedicine: Change Your View of Health & Illness, Karina Grant – Quantum Touch, Jimmy Petruzzi – Excel at Sports, Karen Bell – EFT for Activists, Alfred Heath – BSFF & Mindbody Orientation, Dr. Liz Boath – Energy in the NHS & Beyond, Jan Scholtes – Explaining Stress, Reto Wyss – The “Inner-Self-Image-Process” Improve your performance, Ilka Wandel – Creativity for Kids, William Taylor – Sacred Sounds, Ray Manning & Aisling Killoran – Tap Out or Burn Out!, Olivia Roberts – Resolution Magic, Silvia Hartmann – Project Sanctuary: Infinite Creativity, Tom Wynn – Energy Cone Technique, Sami Thorpe – The Science of the Heart: The Power of Compassion, Corah Clark – Weighting for Change, Stefan Marcec – Introducing EFT into Schools, Susan Kennard – Help for Soldiers: Helping heroes by working with extreme PTSD, Philip Davis & Christine Sutton – Picture Tapping Technique & Mark Robertson – EFT-Nergy Drum Circle Tapping. For further details on these presentations see the AMT2013 Schedule

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The Venue: Welcome to The Eastbourne Centre

Situated at the heart of Eastbourne’s historic seafront is The Eastbourne Centre, a hotel rated by Trip Advisor visitors as scoring 90% and being awarded the “Certificate of Excellence” in 2013. Once you step out of any of the hotels many sea-facing balconies it is easy to understand why they are considering changing their name to reflect the gorgeous and unrestricted vistas across the English Channel.

Eastbourne is a beautiful seaside town on the southern coast of the UK and is situated approx 17 miles East of Brighton & Hove and approx 65 miles South of London. Eastbourne has good road links to the M25 and by direct train is about 55 minutes away from London Gatwick International Airport and about 85 minutes away from London Victoria.

Within walking distance of the venue is the South-Downs National Park and also Beachy Head which is the highest chalk sea cliff in Great Britain and a designated area of outstanding natural beauty. This sheltered position contributes to Eastbourne’s title of sunniest place in Great Britain – perfect for the AMT’s annual energy gathering.

Also within a few hundred yards is Eastbourne’s famous pier and town centre with its wide selection of restaurants, bars, cafés and shops.

The Eastbourne Centre has gone through a transformation in the past two years and has been recently refurbished to a high standard. The building is still owned by the Unite Union which is why they offer first-class conference facilities, but the management have begun seeking a name for themselves as a destination hotel on the south-coast.

This is how we’ve managed to strike such a fantastic good-value deal for our delegates and also why we know you’re just going to love it as much as we do.

The Hotel’s Features:

  • Hotel rooms at the conference venue start from £53.10/night including breakfast
  • Optionally choose a three-course lunch on both Saturday & Sunday for an extra £29.00 pp (save £8.90 by booking in advance)
  • Friendly staff
  • Free wifi throughout hotel which is fast enough for most people’s requirements
  • Premium wifi also available for £5.00 / day.
  • Parking nearby costs just £1.00 per day or £0.20 for 2 hours
  • Facilities for disabled guests
  • Lifts to all floors
  • Restaurant & Bar – both serving traditional English food
  • Wide selection of restaurants and other hotels within a few minutes walk of the venue
  • Roof terrace available to guests staying over
  • Non-smoking throughout the venue but they’ve got plenty of balconies and outside areas
  • Check-in: 3pm to 10pm
  • Check-out: 7:30am to 10:30pm

Hotel Rooms

  • We’ve negotiated hard for the following rates for our delegates:
  • Single Room, 1 person, inc breakfast – £53.10/night
  • Single Room with Balcony, 1 person, inc breakfast – £71.10/night
  • Double/Twin Room (Standard) with Balcony, 1 person, inc breakfast – £107.10/night
  • Double/Twin Room (Executive) with Balcony, 1 person, inc breakfast – £116.10/night
  • Twin Room (Standard), 2 people, inc breakfast – £89.10/night
  • Double/Twin Room (Standard) with Balcony, 2 people, inc breakfast – £125.10/night
  • Double/Twin Room (Executive) with Balcony, 2 people, inc breakfast – £134.10/night

How to Book

Please contact the hotel direct to book your hotel rooms:
Phone “The Eastbourne Centre” and quote our group code “AMT”: +44 (0)1323 433 900

Important: The hotel are currently upgrading their online booking system so have recommended that delegates book via phone. It is likely that the hotel will run out of rooms so please book early if you would like to stay at the venue. If the hotel does sell out there are plenty of other hotels within walking distance to choose from. Non-balcony rooms look out inland over Eastbourne and still offer a fantastic view!

Travel Information

Eastbourne Centre


The venue is situated on the main seafront promenade between The Pier and the Wish Tower. On street parking around the venue costs £1.00 / day and you purchase vouchers to display in your windscreen from the venue’s reception desk. You can also purchase parking tickets direct from on-street machines with prices starting at £0.20 for two-hours.

The address for your sat nav is:

The Eastbourne Centre
Grand Parade
East Sussex
BN21 4DN

If you need directions on route please call the hotel direct on: 01323 433 900


Eastbourne has a direct train link to stations including London Victoria (approx 85 minutes), Gatwick International Airport (approx 55 minutes) and Brighton & Hove (approx 35 minutes). Once you arrive at Eastbourne Station you can choose between either a short taxi-ride or 12 minute/0.6 mile walk to the venue:

Air Travel – London Gatwick International Airport

We recommend London Gatwick International Airport for our International visitors as it has a direct line train links with Eastbourne. However, other airports are also available including London Heathrow & London Stanstead and your onward journey could be by coach (either to Eastbourne or London Gatwick Airport), taxi, hire car (car rental) or by using the London tube network.


Ever Wondered Why Meditation Is So Darn Good For You?

[leadplayer_vid id=”534BFF963F432″]

David Hamilton shares with Sandy Newbigging the scientific benefits of Meditation, with a little help from David’s beautiful dog Oscar

The benefits of meditation are boundless – from simple stress relief, better sleep, less worry and greater peace of mind and happiness – meditation can give you what you want.

People from all walks of life with a wide range of personal motives learn how to meditate.  Meditation can benefit anyone because the mind has a direct impact on all aspects of life.  You might want to improve your health, experience peace of mind, or enjoy closer relationships, or you might feel that there is more to life than what you are currently experiencing.  Irrespective of your intentions behind wanting to learn how to meditate, you can feel confident that the effects of meditation can have a profound positive impact on your entire life.

If you would like to learn how to have peace with your thoughts and emotions and experience all these amazing benefits then join me for my next one day Mind Calm Meditation workshop on the 3rd May in Brighton. You can find more of Sandy Newbigging’s interviews on Mind Calm Mondays

Physical benefits

From a physical perspective, regular meditation can aid the healing of physical conditions by releasing stored stress and helping you to maintain better health by no longer accumulating as much stress during daily life.  People using meditation also report improvements in the quality of their sleep, which can also lead to better physical health due to the enhanced levels of rest your body experiences.

Emotional benefits

Meditation can also help you to increase confidence, self-esteem and self-love because you can learn how to listen less to the critical voice in your head.  Instead of habitually thinking negatively about yourself, meditation enables you to let negative thoughts come and go without them making you feel bad.  In doing so, meditation can make you more calm, confident and content, naturally, without you having to rely on positive affirmations or reinforcement from others.  This is not only very liberating but is also a genuine and long-lasting way to enjoy greater peace of mind and happiness.

Relationship benefits

It has been said that the only way to enjoy truly loving relationships with others is to first learn how to love Your Self fully.  Meditation can help you to discover the inner source of love that resides within your own heart.  By living aware of the inner source of love, you no longer need to look outside yourself to ‘get love’ from others.  This takes the pressure off your relationships and increases the levels of love you experience.

CALM can help you to cultivate kindness and compassion as well.  Being kinder to yourself can cause you to see the best in others too.  As a direct consequence of these marvellous benefits of meditation, you can resolve relationship conflict and enjoy a deeper connection with others.

Career benefits

Perhaps surprisingly, the positive effects of meditation can also spill over into your professional life too. Meditation helps you to reduce stress, be more creative, enjoy greater clarity and make better decisions.  You can also develop the ability to get ‘in the zone’ at will and ignore the negative thoughts inside your mind that can prevent you from performing at your best.

Spiritual benefits

Meditation helps you to think less about the past and future and live more in the here and now.  By being present, you can feel less anger, sadness, fear and guilt and instead, more peace, joy and contentment.  Meditation also reveals to you the underlying still silence peaceful nature of reality that exists within your conscious awareness. Allowing you to go about your day with an ongoing sense of inner peace, irrespective of how busy your external life happens to be.  Imagine that!

With regular practice and with the right guidance, meditation can also allow you to experience more expansive states of consciousness.  Without meditation, most people only experience the states of consciousness commonly referred to as waking, sleeping and dreaming.  However, there are more states of consciousness available to you and when you begin to explore and experience them, the benefits of meditation can feel like waking up, living heaven on earth and be incredibly liberating.

If you would like to learn how to have peace with your thoughts and emotions and experience all these amazing benefits then join me for my next one day Mind Calm Meditation workshop on the 3rd May in Brighton

Freebirthing, so what exactly is Freebirthing?

As a mother-to-be you may have found that the prospect of giving birth one filled with fear, especially after hearing other women sharing their traumatic birthing experiences. This could leave you questioning where you would feel safest giving birth, in hospital or at home.

Or perhaps you have already decided you would like to give birth at home, or in hospital, but not sure who you would like to attend the birth.

Perhaps you would love to give birth all alone, just you and your baby, but others are telling you it’s not safe and you don’t know where to begin to find out if this is even possible.

5291_127072123851_6175847_nWhatever your choice of birth experience remember you do have a choice and the preparation of your emotional state before your birth can often make all the difference to your birthing experience.

It was my great honour to interview Laura Shanley, author of Unassisted Childbirth. Laura has given birth 5 times, all home births and often totally on her own. In her words the babies just slipped right out and they all were born easily with 3-4  pushes. Laura’s first baby was born face first and her third was a posterior birth. Another of her babies had the cord wrapped around the neck and another was footling breech. Every one of her birth experiences was unique but the one thing that they all had in common is that Laura trusted her body, her own intuitive birthing process to know that this was the right way to give birth for her and her baby.

Both Laura and I share the same passion to help other women release their fear of child birth and empower themselves to have the birth of their own choice.

Here is Laura Shanley’s interview with me after her appearance on GMTV’s Lorraine show.

[leadplayer_vid id=”53318C44372FC”]


During the interview we discuss

  • Laura’s own freebirthing experiences
  • How her own traumatic birth experience led her to research a trauma free way to birth her own children
  • The 3 main causes of Problematic Birth
  • Poverty
  • Medical Interventions
  • Fear
  • Oxytocin the shy hormone present in child birth
  • How to choose your ideal midwife
  • Connecting you your own innate wisdom of child birth
  • The body/mind connection
  • and Laura gets to respond to Dr Hillary’s question about birth complications

You can view Laura Shanley’s interview on GMTV with Lorraine Kelly and Dr Hillary Jones

[leadplayer_vid id=”533195D5B0893″]


You can read more about Laura’s work on her website www.UnassistedChildBirth.com

Pollie’s beautiful and very powerful session – Healing isolation and reconnecting with herself


Pollie’s session was very deep and very profound. Through using the energy of the emotion that was being brought up in Pollie’s throat we were able to track that energy back to a time when she was a baby and was feeling isolated and alone; feeling unsafe and unsafe to express her needs; not safe to be heard or speak. As babies we store the information of our conception, time in utero, birth and early years in our sub conscious which can be accessed by tuning into the energy in the energy system of our bodies. Babies are very much conscious beings. The beliefs we make about life at this time continues on into our adult hood until we can go back and release the stuck emotion and transform these limiting beliefs holding us back in life.

Feeling isolation causes disconnection, separation with yourself and the world around you. You can hear and feel the reconnection happen in this session. A beautiful moment when Pollie’s baby self bonds with herself as she is now. She also discovers the gift her Mother shared with her.

[leadplayer_vid id=”520A6C6E9D307″]

In Pollie’s own words:

Gosh what a demo that was for me last night… extraordinary is still my word of choice and as I share a little bit578867_473290249349719_1541882604_n history of with you I trust you will understand. I mentioned in an earlier comment that I’d had a difficult Christmas, this was due to spending it alone. None of my 3 children chose to be with me this year and I took it very personally… I have been a single parent since they were young and I worked diligently to be the best mother I could be and to compensate for their father who left and then died shortly after. Being without family at this time of year felt like the ultimate rejection in my world….and my meaning making monkey mind translated that into, I’m unlovable, not good enough, a bad parent..blah blah blah. Whatever I did to shift my perspective or tap away feelings, I kept finding myself sliding back into victim consciousness over this story, especially when I tried to explain how I felt.
What happened in the matrix session was profound…it was simple yet perfectly orchestrated and rich with love and grace. It felt natural and very familiar for me to hold a baby in my arms and to love it so. What was otherworldly was to have a baby that is me reach up with such sweetness. It was astonishing and beyond miraculous to look into eyes that I recognised as my own gently exchanging the deepest and highest of emotions with me…totally ineffable. Having pure love in the form of a baby that arrives to touch the face of every lost expression of me is powerful healing. Sharon you led me with remarkable skill and kindliness, your directions were spot on, I felt very safe and I am truly grateful.

600747_503976716336073_714450131_n“Today I feel like I have been bestowed with a very special and unique blessing….and I find myself secretly smiling. I listened to the reply of my demo and noted how skillfully and tenderly you directed me….May this be a huge healing and turning point for me” we were all pretty speechless after the session as it was so beautiful and so powerful. Pollie

This picture was kindly given to me today.. it is Polly as a baby and notice she has her hand reaching out just as Pollie saw here in her session



Learn More about Matrix Birth Reimprinting – Book a Session – Sign up for Free Matrix Birth Reimprinting webinar

Pollie’s session was recorded as part of the Realise Your Magical Business webinar series.



How would your life be without Judgement?

So what is judgement and how does it effect our life?

Uncertain judgeAs human beings we need awareness for our survival but do we really need judgement? So you might be wondering what is the difference between Awareness and Judgement? Awareness keeps us safe from burning ourself on something hot, keeps us away from dangerous situations, it is an inner knowing but also something learned from experience. It is our safety mechanism for survival without anger or fear. But judgement is different. Judgement always has a heavy or negative emotion attached to it. Just take a moment right now to think about something or someone you have judged today. How does that make you feel?

The energy of judgment is heavy and stuck and contains the emotion of anger and fear. We often go into judgement when we don’t feel safe. When our basic survival needs are threatened.

Are you aware just how many times a day you sit in judgment of yourself and others?

When you look into the mirror what do you think? ‘God you are beautiful body and I love you’ or ‘God you are fat and you have so many wrinkles?’ If you into feel the energy of those thoughts how does your body respond? Does it open to receive that energy or does it recoil to protect itself.

An exercise to help you become more aware of your judgments – try this for one week

Every day for one week have a rubber band or hair band around your wrist and every time you catch yourself 3195142-originaljudging yourself or another person move the band from one wrist to another. Becoming aware of your judgments are the first step in transforming them. Please do not judge yourself for having this judgement otherwise you will not have time to swap to your rubber band. Just say to yourself “Stop it” and move onto another thought. I would love to hear how you get on with this exercise.

How does judging yourself and others make you feel?

Do you feel empowered or do you feel like you are under attack and need to attack first to protect yourself? Dr Bruce Liptons teaches us that our cells in our body cannot be in growth and protection at the same time. Our body’s cannot be fed and nourished and have healthy cell reproduction whist feeling under attack. So every time you judge your body you are putting your body and your self into protection mode.

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Where does judgement come from?

Events and experiences in our lives cause us to have judgements. As babies and children we learn from our parents how to be judged and how to judge others. Even our teachers at school and our peers also teach us about judgement.

ovarian-cancer-symptoms-and-signs-3Case study: My client was suffering with Fibromyalgia causing pain through out the body, sensitivities and fatigue. During the session we went back to a memory close to the time the symptoms first started. The event was during an argument with her husband when she fell down the stairs. Her belief at the time of the argument that her husband had pushed her down the stairs as all she remembered was seeing his hand coming towards her as she fell. During the session she got the awareness that actually she had stumbled and he had put his hand out to try and save her. For many years she lived with this man she thought had tried to kill her. So putting her body into protection mode 24/7 and later leading to the physical symptoms of pain and the belief that her life was constantly under threat. She was holding a lot of judgment, anger and fear towards her husband because of the perception of what happened during that event. After releasing all this emotion and realising she was actually quite safe then the body was able to rebalance and go back into growth mode and the pain lifted from her body.

How do we release judgement?

During the 8 Spiritual Principles to Ascension webinar we will be looking at all the ways we can release judgement. Anger is the emotion that gets locked into our cells by judgement and it is the one we will have to keep ‘doing over’ if we do not let it go. We invite the same situations, events and people back into our lives again and again until we ‘get it’. Until we get where we are holding anger and fear about this person or around this event. Melissie Jolly will be guiding you on how to release the anger and fear from our past experiences and feel safe once again to be back into that safe place of growth and expansion.

bot37“With judgement we will be looking at the base charkra which is traditionally the colour of Red. The base chakra is our survival needs and relates to our connection with the tribe and how safe we feel with others and on earth. Judgement is what we do with people ‘not like us’. We judge everything outside outside our tribe because judgement is based on fear, so anything outside our house and our family and our safe space, is the thing we fear and therefore the thing we judge and the thing we see as ‘other’.

Seeing jugement mirrored to us from the reflection around us, is key to understanding our base chakra issues. When we respect everything, we find there is nothing to fear, nothing to judge.” Melissie Jolly creator of the Colour Mirrors system

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Are You Living Your Life Purpose?

Questions and Answers signpostDo you know that we all share the same collective life purpose?

Although it might not feel like it to many of you, ALL of us are living our purpose in each and every moment.

So what is our collective Purpose?

Our number one purpose in being here on this planet is to EVOLVE. The number one purpose of all beings in the universe is to evolve. Right now we are living in the most exciting times of our history as souls. That is why so many of us have signed up to be here on Earth at this time. This is the time of becoming more conscious, more aware, to wake up to who we really are, to become 100% self.

It is said that 95% – 98% of all our thoughts feelings and emotions belong to somebody else. How is this possible?

As babies in the womb we perceive the world through our mothers and fathers experiences. We take on their thoughts feeling and emotions as our own. Our birth stories also define who we are going to be and how we relate to the world. A lovely gentle natural birth will set us up to experience all new beginnings in life as easy and safe. A traumatic birth can set up patterns of trauma throughout your life time.

From the age of 0 – 6 we are in a hypnogogic state where we are like and new computer downloading the programs we need to operate in the world. These programs are automatically downloaded from the environment, the people around you and your experiences of feeling loved, nurtured and safe in the world or not.

We also tap into our generational fields, our cultural fields, and our past life experiences.

What would life feel like to be 100% self, having no one else’s programs running your life?

This is part of what myself and Susie Shelmerdine are going to be exploring on Realise Your Magical Purpose 4 part webinar. We will be exploring your individual purpose for being here at this time and helping you with the collective purpose of evolving and awakening. We will be looking at how to find your individual purpose, release the blocks and manifest the life your soul has planned for you.

Allow us to be your tour guides to 100% self and realise your individual and collective life purpose.

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Lee Ann’s Traumatic Birth Session by Sharon King

Lee Ann and her husband Joel had suffered a verySDC12796
traumatic birth experience with her first child Lyla two years previously. At the time of writing to me she believed she only had 3 weeks left before her second child Mia was due to be born. They were both feeling very anxious and nervous about the forth-coming birth and asked if I could I help them transform these feelings, as she really wanted to have a VBAC (Vaginal Birth after C-section). I knew that I had to help them but I had no idea just how traumatic that first birth truly was. It turned out we only had 3 days (3 consecutive EFT/Matrix Reimprinting sessions) to release the trauma of the first birth and prepare Lee Ann for the birth of her second child.

This is Lee Ann’s story: Lee Ann and her husband live in Florida USA. The birth of their first child did not go to plan at all. It started with the doctor asking her to come into hospital to be induced (synthetic hormone drugs used to start the birth process) because he was going away on holiday and wanted to make sure her baby was born before he went away. As soon as she got into hospital she was put on Pitocin (the artificial hormone to start labour) and her waters were artificially broken. After 12 hours of very strong painful labour her doctor told her she was still only 3 cm dilated (the cervix needs to be 10 cm before the baby can be born) and advised her to have an epidural. Half an hour earlier the nurse had told Lee Ann she was 6 cm dilated. She later came back and appologised for getting it wrong, after speaking to the doctor outside the room.

The doctor then advised Lee Ann again to have an epidural so she would feel no more labour pains. Lee Ann didn’t want this, but went with her doctors advice. Lee Ann reported to her doctor that the epidural had only anesthetized the right side of her abdomen and she could still feel the contractions on the left side, but nobody seemed to listen to her. After a while the doctor told her she needed a C-section because Lyla’s head was starting to swell. This news made them very fearful – as it would any parents – because it could be endangering Lyla life so they agreed to the C-section.

Lee Ann was taken to the operating theatre and the rest of the story is in Lee Ann’s own words:

c-section-banner“After being prep my husband walks into the room and the doctor started checking to see if I still had feeling on my stomach. He asked two questions “are you feeling this” and “is it sharp”, which I replied yes to both. Before I knew it I was being cut open and feeling everything. I felt like my expose organs was being set on fire. I screamed and threw up bile. My husband was hysterical. Then they said I was going to go into cardiac arrest, I remember them saying that my pressure was 180/ something (Lee Ann doesn’t remember the lower figure).  My daughter was already in my cervix. They had a tough time getting her out. All the while I’m screaming, my husband crying and the anesthesiologist kept pressing the button in his hand to up the doses. Eventually I heard her first cry and then I was knocked out. It was the last thing I remember until I woke up 3 hours later.”

In the first two sessions we worked on her feelings of anger towards the doctor because of his need to control and induce the labour, we also worked on the nurse having to come back into the room after being told by the doctor she got the dilation amount wrong, which Lee Ann believes she did not. We cleared the fear of being told her baby’s head was swollen and working with herself back at the time to help her come to the understanding they were doing the best they could and really she had no choice under the circumstances. We also prepared her for the forthcoming C-section working each time to take herself to a place of empowerment and reimprinting herself with golden yellow energy. We also worked on her husband in the Matrix too, helping him come to a place of understanding, acceptance and peace with the choices they made.

The third session was really interesting as at the start of the session Lee Ann told me her mucus plug was coming away and the contractions had started, which she was delighted with, as she had not got to experience this beginning stage last time. So now feeling that we had very little time left to clear the remaining trauma we went straight to her (or her ECHO Energy Consciousness Hologram) as we call it in Matrix Reimprinting and did EFT tapping on her ECHO for the shock, pain and terror she was holding in her body during the C-section. We also worked on Joel her husband, for all his shock at witnessing this and we worked on baby Lyla too releasing the shock she was experiencing. Once all the terror, shock and pain was released Lee Ann’s Echo was able to receive her baby into the world and bond with her right at the point of birth. Under normal circumstances I would guide the mother and baby back through a normal birth with Matrix Birth Reimprinting but it felt right to have her bond with her baby just as it was. We reimprinted that picture of her and her husband bonding with Lyla there in the operating room.

Highlights of Lee Ann’s session

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We still had a little time left before Lee Ann had to go to the hospital so we lyla n mia
carried on the session and I asked her to connect and communicate with her new baby Mia, who was very much on her way, and showed her how her natural birth was going to be, using the Future Birth Reimprinting technique. We then tested the work we had done over the 3 sessions and Lee Ann was able to look back on the birth experience with Lyla with a peaceful feeling knowing she did her best and having the new picture in her mind of bonding with Lyla at birth.

I then received the following 2 emails from Lee Ann on the birth of baby Mia

31st May 2012

lee miaJust wanted to let you know that I started labor. They are coming 5 mins apart for the last 2 hours but too intense. I wanted to thank you for everything. You are truly an amazing person. You have brought me to an amazing state of mind and helped me empower myself to go through this amazing process. I am extremely excited for what comes joel n mia
next. I’ll write as soon as I can. Thank you so much. Lee Ann


9th June 2012

The birth went really well. Everything I anticipated and more. However Mia did end mia dad
up in the ncui (intensive care) for a 3 days. The doctor said she had an abnormal stomach beca
use she wasn’t having a bowel movement and to stop all feedings for 2 days. The doctor told us she may need surgery after seeing her x-ray. It was pretty brutal on her. Turns out she was perfectly healthy and had her first bowel movement during the last hours of labor but it wasn’t recorded. All in all I had an amazing birth experience and a healthy beautiful baby. Thanks Sharon. Lee Ann

Lee Ann’s shares her experience of Mia’s birth and describes how her sessions clearing Lyla’s birth helped her keep out of fear and in her power during the birth.

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Joel shares his experience of Mia’s birth and how the effect of Lee Ann’s session had on him.

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To follow next time

Part 2 Lee Ann’s session on the birth of Mia and her the stay in NCUI (Intensive care)

Part 3 Joels (Lee Ann’s husband) session on his clearing for the birth trauma of his first daughter.

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