Sharon King & Susie Shelmerdine – Needs vs. Values

What is covered?

We all have fundamental values in our lives, those rules that we unconsciously live by such as love, honesty, freedom, authenticity, trust etc, but have you ever wondered if they are truly something we value or are something we actually need more of?

One of my core values is freedom and I was shocked to discover that there was a lack freedom in my life, so this was actually turned out to be a ‘need’ to have more freedom. The energy of need is very different to something we value and actually have in our life. As the ‘Law of Attraction’ says when we come from the vibration of need we are coming from a place of lack, I lack money, I lack love, freedom, honesty, creativity etc so this is what shows up, more lack of the very thing we hold most dear to us.

Let us together discover your own core values and check to make sure that this is what you actually have in your life and if not then explore why not. During this webinar you will hear me working with Susie Shelmerdine helping her to find her core values and turning one of her needs into a core value.

About Sharon King

Sharon King has worked for a number of years specializing in the birth experience, and how it affects our emotional health during our childhood and adult life. She went on to develop the Matrix Birth Reimprinting protocols which became a foundational cornerstone in Matrix Reimprinting and currently trains other practitioners worldwide. Sharon leads the field in this area, and her techniques are published in the book Matrix Reimprinting Using EFT, which is was released by publishing giants Hay House in August 2010 and she has published her first book Heal Your Birth, Heal Your Life in Sept 2015.




Needs Vs. Values