Dates: 27thSeptember – 3rdOctober

Venue: Torvizcon, Sierra Nevada mountains, Nr Granada Spain

Soma Breath Awakening Retreat: Getting to the Heart of Relationships

Do you struggle with forming relationships, opening up to giving and receiving love in a balanced and healthy way? Are you finding it hard to trust?

Have you ever compared yourself with others and wondered why your relationships are not like theirs?

Why you’re not able to connect and trust in the way you wish? Do you still feel isolated and alone despite being surrounded with people? Wondering why you’re always feeling angry, let down or betrayed by your partner?

Or maybe your single and just not finding that right partner for you.

As a parent you maybe overwhelmed, frustrated, angry shouting at your children even though you promise you’ll not do that ever again.

Maybe you’re so self-critical, or just feel you do not deserve to be loved.

Would you love to be able to open your heart to give and receive love the way you truly desire and deserve?

Greg Mannion, Soma Breath Master Instructor and Sharon King, Author of Heal Your Birth, Heal Your Life, creator of Matrix Birth Reimprinting, Light Matrix Techniques and Soma Breath Awakening Instructor are joining together their extensive experience and knowledge to bring you this revolutionary retreat.

Soma Breathwork meditations has many benefits for balancing your Mind, Body and Soul.

  • Rhythmic breathing in time to music that is designed to change your brain wave patterns.
  • Your breath is the gateway from your conscious mind into your subconscious mind – reprogram those negative beliefs
  • Intermittent breath holds releases stem cells to promote physical healing
  • Powerful guided meditations help to promote wellness, wholeness and more L.O.V.E. (Level of Vibrational Energy) in your life
  • Naturally releasing the hormone DMT held inside of your own body. DMT is also known and the awakening molecule found in plant medicine.

The ancient Yogi’s had got it right all along – we will be teaching you how

  • The effects of sound, toning and using your own rhythmic breathing effect your mind, body and soul
  • Learn how to calm and restore your autonomic nervous system back to homeostasis
  • How Soma Breath can access the L.O.V.E within your own body to help restore balance to your mental and emotional bodies too.
  • Experience for yourself a Some Breath Meditation sessions that you will want to use over and over again.

Many people, including myself, have

  • Transformed trauma using Soma Breath.
  • Gain insights into situations and downloaded intuitive knowing/guidance about past, present and future situations.
  • Healed many physical illnesses including auto immune disorders
  • Felt a deep sense of gratitude and peace that lasts all day

“ I felt like I was born again, I was breathing properly and I renewed my energy while letting of lots of mental rubbish, everybody needs this. The most internally healing practice I have ever experienced”


This Retreat is especially designed to help you explore your early life experiences from conception, birth, early infancy and childhood to focus on and heal the negative beliefs you made around relationships. We will be exploring what we learned about relationships from our parents and how we can become better parents/partners despite our early life experiences.

We will be exploring our addictions and how they are serving us and we will share with you how to access what we are truly searching for instead.

Relationships come in many forms. We will be exploring your relationships with your

  • Yourself, most importantly
  • Partner/spouse
  • Parents & other Family members
  • Children
  • God/Source/Devine
  • Money
  • Feminine & masculine energy balance within each of us
  • Addictions

“This is such an amazing week truly amazing.. For anyone just wanting to immerse themselves, a real retreat for growth, to go on an inner journey, totally supported and nurtured. Really getting to the heart of it all. This was definitely up there as one of the best that I’ve ever done.” Sarah Impey


During this 5 full day retreat we will be teaching you how to use the power of your breath and your pranic energy naturally available to you, to help you raise your L.O.V.E. (Levels Of Vibrational Energy) putting you in a better state to overcome your problems and find a way to fully connect.

“Breath is the bridge which connects life to consciousness, which unites your body to your thoughts. Whenever your mind becomes scattered, use your breath as the means to take hold of your mind again.” Thich Nhat Hanh

We will be taking you on an awakening journey of self discovery, deep connection, heart connection, releasing those negative beliefs that have been holding you back.

“Until you make conscious what is unconscious it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”              Carl Jung

We will help you to create a clear vision of your future relationships by using the energy in your heart. Go within and find inspiration and tap into your own creative energy.

 “Who looks outside dreams who looks inside awakens” Carl Jung

We will be generating and connecting with gratitude and love of life.

“When you turn your expectations into appreciation your life changes in a moment” Tony Robins

Other Soma Breath breathe benefits include:

  • Relief from Anxiety/Panic attacks
  • Sleep better
  • Reduce Inflammation in the body
  • Increase cardio vascular function
  • Increase your energy levels within minutes
  • Stress relief
  • Connecting more fully to your emotions
  • Transforming your limiting beliefs holding you back from fulfilling your desires
  • More clarity about your future

This retreat will cover all these aspects of clearing your blocks to experiencing healthy and for filling relationships, with daily exercises and tips to help you while raising your vibrational energy putting you in a better state to deal with your relationship needs from now on.

“Wow what a workshop. I was totally blown away by this technique. You undertake an inner journey under Gregs expert advice and it was mind blowing. I saw colours/ white lights/ heard cymbals etc and I went very deep. Each breath was like diving deeper into the inner sea and it was really special. I highly recommend this workshop. I can’t wait to delve deeper into this technique as it’s just incredible.”

Our guided breathwork meditations will cover a variety of topics with room for individual input from everyone on the next days subject. This is your time but you will be given the tools to continue in your personal growth for as long as is needed afterwards.

I meditate a lot but I’ve never been able to go this far before. I just feel so energized I could feel all the partials in my body vibrating”

Program of Events –

Arrive 27th September after 4pm, unpack relax and get to know each other

28th September – 2nd October

  • Start the day with morning Soma Meditation Session before Breakfast
  • Sharing circles
  • Exercises to explore your vision of a perfect relationship – what is holding you back – what do you want/need to give to receive – if your heart leads the way what would it say every day?
  • Release and shaking/movement/dance workshops
  • Group connection exercises
  • Meditations on variety of subjects – forgiveness – relationships – your vision-connecting to source
  • One of the afternoons we will be exploring the beautiful Sierra Nevada mountains and doing a group Soma meditation at watching the sun set
  • We will be balancing personal time, relaxation time, processing time with transformation time and lots of fun and laughter.
  • Sharon, will be offering Deeksha Oneness Blessing sessions. Deeksha is the transfer of Divine Energy which, over time is designed to bring about the state of Oneness.

Depart 3rd October after breakfast. Checkout by 10am

Retreat Investment €1,170 per person
Including 6 nights accommodation and food based on two people sharing a room

Early Bird offer (save €200 if booked by 15th August)

€970.00 per person. Including 6 nights accommodation and all food based on two people sharing a room

Deposit to secure your place €350.00
Balance to be paid by 31st August

(Deposit Paypal button here)

What is included in the Price of the Retreat

All food and accommodation based on two people sharing a room

Available Room to book are are as follow

Bed room A1 double, 1 single
Bedroom BDouble
Bedroom CTwin
bedroom DDouble
Bedroom ETwin
Bell Tent in GardenDouble or single

Please confirm which room you would like to book at the time of booking.

Single room supplement, add €200.00 to total price of the retreat

Discount sharing the double room with your partner, less €100.00 per couple per room.

If you would prefer to book your own accommodation, at your own cost in Torvizcon or near by towns of Orgiva, then €200 discount will be given from the price of the retreat. Please note if you are staying more than 15 minutes drive away from the retreat you will need to have your own transport to get too and from the retreat centre. CLICK HERE to see what is currently on offer in and near Torvizcon

What is not included in the Price of the Retreat

  • Transfer from Malaga or Alicante Airport but help with arranging transfers will be offered
  • Your flights
  • Accommodation outside of staying at the retreat

About the Venue

Set in the beautiful Sierra Nevada mountains in a small town called Torvizcon. The beautiful house is now a retreat centre for many group of people wanting to escape their busy lives

About Greg Mannion

Greg Mannion is a Soma breath Master instructor. Over the past 12 months he has expanded his and Somas reach around the world with passion and energy while maintaining his own unique character. He has given over 150 workshops collaborated on several Retreats as an instructor himself and also at a teacher for other instructors. After giving workshops in over 12 countries including Spain, England, France, Ireland, Croatia, Holland & Iceland with more than 2,000 people. His passion and energy for breath work and the power of the Soma method has just grown and grown. Based in Barcelona Spain (originally from Liverpool England) he has a regular client base and gives weekly workshops.

After overcoming an addiction to alcohol 6 years ago, he has fallen into a more loving open and forgiving relationship with himself after many years of self-sabotage. Greg knows what it’s like to look at yourself and see no future and how to transform that feeling into one of acceptance and forgiving attitude towards yourself and others. By creating an honest open and fun space to express yourself and release in his workshops helps him and his clients achieve quantifiable breakthroughs time and time again. Greg’s aim is to help you find out what you are really capable of with ease and fun.

About Sharon King

Sharon King, creator and director of Magical New Beginnings, and author of  Heal Your Birth, Heal Your Life, has been working in the field of emotional health for 19 years. Her journey into this field began when her soul part

ner was killed and she was forced to address the emotional challenges that came with this experience. Sharon learned not only to address these challenges but how to transform emotions on a very deep and fundamental level. This personal crisis, far from being an end, became instead a beginning for her

, as she set about upon a deep personal exploration of how emotions affect our health and wellbeing.

Sharon studied with countless leading teachers in the field of emotions, energy and health. She began to piece those teachings together and advance them. She worked for a number of years specialising in the birth experience and how it affects our emotional health during our childhood and adult life. Drawing from all her training and exp


erience, Sharon went on to develop the Matrix Birth Reimprinting protocols which became a foundational cornerstone in a self-help technique called Matrix Reimprinting. Sharon leads the field in this area and her techniques are published in the book Matrix Reimprinting Using EFT, which was released by publishing giants Hay House in August 2010 and published her own book Heal Your Birth, Heal Your Life in Sept 2015.

Since then, Sharon has gone on to further develop her own techniques and is delivering workshops around the world. She currently specialises in teaching people to find their soul purpose, clear ancestral patterns and working with past lives, getting to the heart of relationships, expanding the birth reimprinting work and enabling people to truly discover what they are here for with her own Light Matrix workshop.

“Sharon’s magical teachings and meditations are amazing… If you are looking to get to really know yourself and to raise your frequency, then this is your retreat … I should know, I was on the last two!!” Renira Barclay