Cecil the Lion – Did His Death Have Purpose?

Cecil the Lion, the most famous animal in Zimbabwe.

I feel that just about everybody I know has been moved in some way by his story of his death. Cecil was lured away from the safety of his sanctuary and then hunted using cross bows for many hours and finally shot dead by Walter Palmer, who paid $50,000 for the honour of this experience of killing this awesome animal.

More details of the story can be found here.
It has been interesting watching how everybody on the social media has been moved in some way by what has happened.. Many people are angry/saddened and shouting for revenge. They have setup and signed petitions to try and stop the hunting of endangered animals from continuing. If you would like to add your voice then you can sign up here too. The hunter (Palmer) has now become the hunted as he has gone into hiding. May people want him and the company who he paid for this act to be prosecuted for their crime. They say that Karma is becoming instant and I think in this case it certainly is.

But what if there was a bigger picture here? One that we are missing. Many people have been asking what is it about the killing of this animal that makes it so different to the 100,000’s of animals we kill every hour of every day? In my Life Purpose training we discuss that we have many types of purposes in life and one type is ‘Death Purpose’. What if Celic was born with a strong death purpose? What if there was a contract between Cecil and Walter Palmer to bring knowledge and awareness to the planet of the mindless killing of animals?

It would take a special well known and well loved animal like Cecil to do this, to move people so passionately to start campaigning for change. We never change anything until we become very uncomfortable… and anger is the emotion that we use to motivate us to create change.

So I am honouring Cecil for his part he has played in giving his life to create change and bring awareness. But we must also honour Walter Parker for the part he has played too. If we step out of judgement for a moment here and see that there is a bigger picture, then we can take action to help stop this from happening again.. but not by stressing our bodies and mind with judgemental thoughts and feelings towards Mr Parker but by taking action, signing petitions, sharing on social media and feeling the positive energy of this great being who came here to shine his light into the darkness of humankind.

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