Matrix Birth Reimprinting & Life Purpose, 23rd, 24th, 25th February 2018, Jersey


Matrix Birth Reimprinting & Life Purpose, 23rd, 24th, 25th February 2018, Jersey

Date(s): 23rd, 24th, 25th February 2018 – 9.30am – 5-30pm (Friday – Sunday)
Facilitator(s): Sharon King
Venue: Venue to be confirmed


Matrix Birth Reimprinting

Do you feel disconnected, low, depressed, separate or detached at times despite lots of tapping? Or perhaps you have clients where you have worked with their conscious memories, but they still don’t seem to make lots of progress. Are you aware that many of these feelings can relate back to a difficult birth experience?

With Matrix Birth Reimprinting you can go back to the womb and reimprint your birth experience, which will change your energy levels, mood, and wellbeing in the present. You can also learn to do the same for you clients.

This three day workshop is presented by Sharon King, creator of the Matrix Birth Reimprinting protocols. As a Matrix Reimprinting practitioner or enthusiast you’re probably really aware that a lot of the reimprinting needs to take place in the first six years. Perhaps in some of your sessions you’ve found yourself going back to the womb or even to conception and before. Even the most skilled practitioners can find themselves not knowing what to do during these times, and you may have found yourself wondering how to work efficiently in these circumstances. Continue reading “Matrix Birth Reimprinting & Life Purpose, 23rd, 24th, 25th February 2018, Jersey”

Life Purpose Workshop – 24th, 25th June – Frankfurt

Life Purpose Workshop – 24th, 25th June – Frankfurt

Date(s): 24th & 25th June 2017, 9.30am – 5-30pm (Saturday – Sunday)
Facilitator(s): Sharon King | Eva Gerigk
Venue: Kaiser-Friedrich-Promenade 112, 61352 Bad Homburg

Life Purpose

Would you like to discover your life purpose? What if you could connect with what it is you are here for, and discover your higher or soul purpose? Imagine if you could understand the deeper meaning of your life experiences and transform your perceptions about what you have been through. How about if you could understand and transform the illnesses that run in your family, and break free from your ancestral patterns And would you like to transform your beliefs and negative emotions, so that you can fully identify where they were formed and be empowered to change them. Continue reading “Life Purpose Workshop – 24th, 25th June – Frankfurt”

Cecil the Lion – Did His Death Have Purpose?

Cecil the Lion, the most famous animal in Zimbabwe.

I feel that just about everybody I know has been moved in some way by his story of his death. Cecil was lured away from the safety of his sanctuary and then hunted using cross bows for many hours and finally shot dead by Walter Palmer, who paid $50,000 for the honour of this experience of killing this awesome animal.

More details of the story can be found here.
It has been interesting watching how everybody on the social media has been moved in some way by what has happened.. Many people are angry/saddened and shouting for revenge. They have setup and signed petitions to try and stop the hunting of endangered animals from continuing. If you would like to add your voice then you can sign up here too. The hunter (Palmer) has now become the hunted as he has gone into hiding. May people want him and the company who he paid for this act to be prosecuted for their crime. They say that Karma is becoming instant and I think in this case it certainly is.

But what if there was a bigger picture here? One that we are missing. Many people have been asking what is it about the killing of this animal that makes it so different to the 100,000’s of animals we kill every hour of every day? In my Life Purpose training we discuss that we have many types of purposes in life and one type is ‘Death Purpose’. What if Celic was born with a strong death purpose? What if there was a contract between Cecil and Walter Palmer to bring knowledge and awareness to the planet of the mindless killing of animals?

It would take a special well known and well loved animal like Cecil to do this, to move people so passionately to start campaigning for change. We never change anything until we become very uncomfortable… and anger is the emotion that we use to motivate us to create change.

So I am honouring Cecil for his part he has played in giving his life to create change and bring awareness. But we must also honour Walter Parker for the part he has played too. If we step out of judgement for a moment here and see that there is a bigger picture, then we can take action to help stop this from happening again.. but not by stressing our bodies and mind with judgemental thoughts and feelings towards Mr Parker but by taking action, signing petitions, sharing on social media and feeling the positive energy of this great being who came here to shine his light into the darkness of humankind.

If you would like to learn more about Life Purpose trainings CLICK HERE


Taking a Walk on The Spiritual Side of Life

Life after death has always fascinated a lot of people, including myself but now I’m finding I’m even more fascinated in finding out how we get the most out of the life we have here on earth right now and how we can be more 100% self.

“95% of all our thoughts feelings and emotions do not belong to us”

A powerful statement by Access Consciousness. As empathic beings we unconsciously pick up on everyone and everything around us. We are also influenced by our parents, grandparents, ancestors and cultural beliefs and emotions, starting from being in the womb going throughout our early childhood, which can effect who we are, how we feel and how we behave.

I’m also fascinated by this statement from my no 1 favourite book “The Afterlife of Billy Fingers” written by Annie Kagan, channeled to her by her bad boy brother Billy Fingers from the other side.

“Even though you don’t have your body anymore, you still feel like an individual. Actually, you feel more like yourself than you did when you were alive. There’s so much influence from others while you’re on earth that in a way you don’t get to be you.”

So I’m going to ask you two questions, but first put your hand on your heart and breath in for the count of 5 and out for the count of 5. Do this 4 or 5 times until you feel yourself relaxing and your mind clearing then rate from 0-100% on how true this is for you ask yourself

“How much of your thoughts, feelings and emotions belong to you?


“How much of your soul is in your body?”

You maybe surprised by the answers from your subconscious.

In Dr Linda Backmans book “The Evolving Soul” she says that we choose how much of our soul we bring with us into this life from 20% up to 35%, so that means if we are only this small amount of the expression of our soul AND 95% of how we express ourselves and view the world is influenced by other people energies and beliefs, then that only leaves a very small part of your soul free to be you.

This is why I love my work with Matrix Reimprinting, Matrix Birth Reimprinting and the Life Purpose/Past Life as I get to help others (and myself) to find ways to become more 100% self. Right now when I ask myself that question I’m feeling 80% self but this can change depending on how conscious of what belongs to me and what belongs to others I am during the day. But also thanks to all the work I have done to clear past emotional traumas and negative beliefs I have… some are still work in progress as I’m finding out as I write my book, always good for bringing up your limiting beliefs and fears.

My wonderful friend Janet Conner author of “Writing Down Your Soul” has interviewed both Dr Linda Backman and Annie Kagan and you can access these fabulous interviews by clicking on their book cover images

Evolving soulBilly






All of Janet’s fabulous interviews can be found here



And check out Janet Conner’s fabulous book Writing Down Your Soul which has just become No 1 bestseller on Amazon



If after listening to these interviews you are interested in exploring more on the following subjects of

  • How your past lives are effecting you right now and how to transform them
  • How to discover your Life Purpose
  • How to be more 100% self and invite more of your soul into your body
  • How to clear your Ancestral Patterns
  • Learn how to use the New “Light Matrix” technique
  • Learn how to access your Pre-Birth planning meeting
  • Discover what judgments are holding you stuck in life

Then I will be hosting a 3 part Life Purpose and Past Life Webinar series starting on the 17th November where will be will looking deeper into these subjects and much more. CLICK HERE for more information on the webinars and to sign up.

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