Wednesday 11th Feb: Somatic intuition. With free workbook valued at £12.99

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Your body is more than a tool by which you move through life. You are a biochemical electromagnetic energy system. In fact you are a system of systems working together. All these systems are interdependent upon one another and can affect one another greatly. You body is talking to you all the time and even more than that. You body is a radio that is also telling you about your client, if you know how to tune in to the right station.
You will learn:

  • How your body feels empathic emotions of your client through the gut brain.
  • How to stop becoming overwhelmed by your clients emotions.
  • How to feel physical imbalances in your own body that relate to the client and how to move those feelings when they have served a purpose.
  • How to heal use energy healing without getting drained

Video Replay here

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