Are You Living Your Life Purpose?

Questions and Answers signpostDo you know that we all share the same collective life purpose?

Although it might not feel like it to many of you, ALL of us are living our purpose in each and every moment.

So what is our collective Purpose?

Our number one purpose in being here on this planet is to EVOLVE. The number one purpose of all beings in the universe is to evolve. Right now we are living in the most exciting times of our history as souls. That is why so many of us have signed up to be here on Earth at this time. This is the time of becoming more conscious, more aware, to wake up to who we really are, to become 100% self.

It is said that 95% – 98% of all our thoughts feelings and emotions belong to somebody else. How is this possible?

As babies in the womb we perceive the world through our mothers and fathers experiences. We take on their thoughts feeling and emotions as our own. Our birth stories also define who we are going to be and how we relate to the world. A lovely gentle natural birth will set us up to experience all new beginnings in life as easy and safe. A traumatic birth can set up patterns of trauma throughout your life time.

From the age of 0 – 6 we are in a hypnogogic state where we are like and new computer downloading the programs we need to operate in the world. These programs are automatically downloaded from the environment, the people around you and your experiences of feeling loved, nurtured and safe in the world or not.

We also tap into our generational fields, our cultural fields, and our past life experiences.

What would life feel like to be 100% self, having no one else’s programs running your life?

This is part of what myself and Susie Shelmerdine are going to be exploring on Realise Your Magical Purpose 4 part webinar. We will be exploring your individual purpose for being here at this time and helping you with the collective purpose of evolving and awakening. We will be looking at how to find your individual purpose, release the blocks and manifest the life your soul has planned for you.

Allow us to be your tour guides to 100% self and realise your individual and collective life purpose.

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