How would your life be without Judgement?

So what is judgement and how does it effect our life?

Uncertain judgeAs human beings we need awareness for our survival but do we really need judgement? So you might be wondering what is the difference between Awareness and Judgement? Awareness keeps us safe from burning ourself on something hot, keeps us away from dangerous situations, it is an inner knowing but also something learned from experience. It is our safety mechanism for survival without anger or fear. But judgement is different. Judgement always has a heavy or negative emotion attached to it. Just take a moment right now to think about something or someone you have judged today. How does that make you feel?

The energy of judgment is heavy and stuck and contains the emotion of anger and fear. We often go into judgement when we don’t feel safe. When our basic survival needs are threatened.

Are you aware just how many times a day you sit in judgment of yourself and others?

When you look into the mirror what do you think? ‘God you are beautiful body and I love you’ or ‘God you are fat and you have so many wrinkles?’ If you into feel the energy of those thoughts how does your body respond? Does it open to receive that energy or does it recoil to protect itself.

An exercise to help you become more aware of your judgments – try this for one week

Every day for one week have a rubber band or hair band around your wrist and every time you catch yourself 3195142-originaljudging yourself or another person move the band from one wrist to another. Becoming aware of your judgments are the first step in transforming them. Please do not judge yourself for having this judgement otherwise you will not have time to swap to your rubber band. Just say to yourself “Stop it” and move onto another thought. I would love to hear how you get on with this exercise.

How does judging yourself and others make you feel?

Do you feel empowered or do you feel like you are under attack and need to attack first to protect yourself? Dr Bruce Liptons teaches us that our cells in our body cannot be in growth and protection at the same time. Our body’s cannot be fed and nourished and have healthy cell reproduction whist feeling under attack. So every time you judge your body you are putting your body and your self into protection mode.

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Where does judgement come from?

Events and experiences in our lives cause us to have judgements. As babies and children we learn from our parents how to be judged and how to judge others. Even our teachers at school and our peers also teach us about judgement.

ovarian-cancer-symptoms-and-signs-3Case study: My client was suffering with Fibromyalgia causing pain through out the body, sensitivities and fatigue. During the session we went back to a memory close to the time the symptoms first started. The event was during an argument with her husband when she fell down the stairs. Her belief at the time of the argument that her husband had pushed her down the stairs as all she remembered was seeing his hand coming towards her as she fell. During the session she got the awareness that actually she had stumbled and he had put his hand out to try and save her. For many years she lived with this man she thought had tried to kill her. So putting her body into protection mode 24/7 and later leading to the physical symptoms of pain and the belief that her life was constantly under threat. She was holding a lot of judgment, anger and fear towards her husband because of the perception of what happened during that event. After releasing all this emotion and realising she was actually quite safe then the body was able to rebalance and go back into growth mode and the pain lifted from her body.

How do we release judgement?

During the 8 Spiritual Principles to Ascension webinar we will be looking at all the ways we can release judgement. Anger is the emotion that gets locked into our cells by judgement and it is the one we will have to keep ‘doing over’ if we do not let it go. We invite the same situations, events and people back into our lives again and again until we ‘get it’. Until we get where we are holding anger and fear about this person or around this event. Melissie Jolly will be guiding you on how to release the anger and fear from our past experiences and feel safe once again to be back into that safe place of growth and expansion.

bot37“With judgement we will be looking at the base charkra which is traditionally the colour of Red. The base chakra is our survival needs and relates to our connection with the tribe and how safe we feel with others and on earth. Judgement is what we do with people ‘not like us’. We judge everything outside outside our tribe because judgement is based on fear, so anything outside our house and our family and our safe space, is the thing we fear and therefore the thing we judge and the thing we see as ‘other’.

Seeing jugement mirrored to us from the reflection around us, is key to understanding our base chakra issues. When we respect everything, we find there is nothing to fear, nothing to judge.” Melissie Jolly creator of the Colour Mirrors system

To find out more about the 8 Spiritual Principles to Ascension webinars Click Here

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2 thoughts on “How would your life be without Judgement?

  1. I love this post! I’ve become much more aware over the past few years not only of the judgments I make but also of the judgments I assume are being made of me. Seeing what is happening and how it affects me has been a real eye opener. I think our blogs will have a lot in common and I am looking forward to reading your future posts. By the way, I’ve done the rubber band on the wrist thing with complaining and it was incredibly powerful. I disliked changing it over so much that I stopped complaining so that I wouldn’t have to!

    1. Absolutely Harriet, judgement comes in so many forms and keeps us small.. the fear of being judged, being judged, judging self and judging others all holds us back from being who we truly are. I asked one of my clients who constantly judges himself to use the rubber band exercise and his wrist got so sore that he ended up just moving the rubber band from one side of his desk to the other as his judgements were coming so fast.. the awareness of this was very powerful for him. Just feel into how light and free life would be without judgement!

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