Freebirthing, so what exactly is Freebirthing?

As a mother-to-be you may have found that the prospect of giving birth one filled with fear, especially after hearing other women sharing their traumatic birthing experiences. This could leave you questioning where you would feel safest giving birth, in hospital or at home.

Or perhaps you have already decided you would like to give birth at home, or in hospital, but not sure who you would like to attend the birth.

Perhaps you would love to give birth all alone, just you and your baby, but others are telling you it’s not safe and you don’t know where to begin to find out if this is even possible.

5291_127072123851_6175847_nWhatever your choice of birth experience remember you do have a choice and the preparation of your emotional state before your birth can often make all the difference to your birthing experience.

It was my great honour to interview Laura Shanley, author of Unassisted Childbirth. Laura has given birth 5 times, all home births and often totally on her own. In her words the babies just slipped right out and they all were born easily with 3-4  pushes. Laura’s first baby was born face first and her third was a posterior birth. Another of her babies had the cord wrapped around the neck and another was footling breech. Every one of her birth experiences was unique but the one thing that they all had in common is that Laura trusted her body, her own intuitive birthing process to know that this was the right way to give birth for her and her baby.

Both Laura and I share the same passion to help other women release their fear of child birth and empower themselves to have the birth of their own choice.

Here is Laura Shanley’s interview with me after her appearance on GMTV’s Lorraine show.

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During the interview we discuss

  • Laura’s own freebirthing experiences
  • How her own traumatic birth experience led her to research a trauma free way to birth her own children
  • The 3 main causes of Problematic Birth
  • Poverty
  • Medical Interventions
  • Fear
  • Oxytocin the shy hormone present in child birth
  • How to choose your ideal midwife
  • Connecting you your own innate wisdom of child birth
  • The body/mind connection
  • and Laura gets to respond to Dr Hillary’s question about birth complications

You can view Laura Shanley’s interview on GMTV with Lorraine Kelly and Dr Hillary Jones

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You can read more about Laura’s work on her website

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