Pollie’s beautiful and very powerful session – Healing isolation and reconnecting with herself


Pollie’s session was very deep and very profound. Through using the energy of the emotion that was being brought up in Pollie’s throat we were able to track that energy back to a time when she was a baby and was feeling isolated and alone; feeling unsafe and unsafe to express her needs; not safe to be heard or speak. As babies we store the information of our conception, time in utero, birth and early years in our sub conscious which can be accessed by tuning into the energy in the energy system of our bodies. Babies are very much conscious beings. The beliefs we make about life at this time continues on into our adult hood until we can go back and release the stuck emotion and transform these limiting beliefs holding us back in life.

Feeling isolation causes disconnection, separation with yourself and the world around you. You can hear and feel the reconnection happen in this session. A beautiful moment when Pollie’s baby self bonds with herself as she is now. She also discovers the gift her Mother shared with her.

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In Pollie’s own words:

Gosh what a demo that was for me last night… extraordinary is still my word of choice and as I share a little bit578867_473290249349719_1541882604_n history of with you I trust you will understand. I mentioned in an earlier comment that I’d had a difficult Christmas, this was due to spending it alone. None of my 3 children chose to be with me this year and I took it very personally… I have been a single parent since they were young and I worked diligently to be the best mother I could be and to compensate for their father who left and then died shortly after. Being without family at this time of year felt like the ultimate rejection in my world….and my meaning making monkey mind translated that into, I’m unlovable, not good enough, a bad parent..blah blah blah. Whatever I did to shift my perspective or tap away feelings, I kept finding myself sliding back into victim consciousness over this story, especially when I tried to explain how I felt.
What happened in the matrix session was profound…it was simple yet perfectly orchestrated and rich with love and grace. It felt natural and very familiar for me to hold a baby in my arms and to love it so. What was otherworldly was to have a baby that is me reach up with such sweetness. It was astonishing and beyond miraculous to look into eyes that I recognised as my own gently exchanging the deepest and highest of emotions with me…totally ineffable. Having pure love in the form of a baby that arrives to touch the face of every lost expression of me is powerful healing. Sharon you led me with remarkable skill and kindliness, your directions were spot on, I felt very safe and I am truly grateful.

600747_503976716336073_714450131_n“Today I feel like I have been bestowed with a very special and unique blessing….and I find myself secretly smiling. I listened to the reply of my demo and noted how skillfully and tenderly you directed me….May this be a huge healing and turning point for me” we were all pretty speechless after the session as it was so beautiful and so powerful. Pollie

This picture was kindly given to me today.. it is Polly as a baby and notice she has her hand reaching out just as Pollie saw here in her session



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Pollie’s session was recorded as part of the Realise Your Magical Business webinar series.