Patrick Houser – Fathers to Be Organisation

I’m delighted to have Patrick Houser as one of my guest speakers for the Matrix Birth Reimprinting Online Practitioner Training

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Patrick HouserPatrick M Houser is a grandfather and father of 2 sons. It was the birth of his first son which revealed to him the need to understand birth more fully. Patrick’s second son’s arrival, in 1980, was the first documented waterbirth in the USA. This has informed his life’s work and led him to nearly 25 years of passionate advocacy for birth choices. He has a degree in marketing, has owned a natural health centre and for 10 years ran his construction firm in Austin, Texas. He is the director of The Source Foundation International a UK reg. charity,  promoting health and choice from  preconception to birth and throughout life. Patrick is also a speaker, writes articles and

F2B handbook sml web 2is the author of the Fathers-To-Be Handbook, published in the UK and now available in a USA edition as well.

Today’s fathers are participating more than ever before in the birth and up-bringing of their children. This can have a strong impact on the family. Research has established the importance of a father’s contribution in his children’s early life.
Practical and emotional fitness for the transition to fatherhood can be learned/awakened and is very useful.

How healthcare professionals welcome fathers is significant to the whole family system.
 Fathers-To-Be offers men effective preparation for fatherhood through practical education. Riding the waves of pregnancy, birth and early fatherhood involves supporting a woman’s rhythm while learning to maintain your own balance.

Fathers-To-Be provides study days for childbirth practitioners, educators, lactation consultants and social workers including how to facilitate their working relationship with fathers. We also consult with healthcare organisations, hospitals and schools in support of their whole-family and birthcare practices.

Patrick will be sharing his extensive knowledge of being a father and working with fathers and will share with us the birthing process from a masculine point of view on the Matrix Birth Reimprinting webinar

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